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5 Advertising Tricks That Can Help You To Make Money Online


No matter what your business sells, whether it be products or services, online advertising can do a lot to improve your success. While it can be a little difficult when you first get started, after a few months of trial and error, you should be in a position to target your ads well and achieve the best results for your investment. At the end of the day, almost every other business owner is doing the same thing, so you’ll be at a serious disadvantage if you fail to get on board. That said; the information in this article should make things a little less daunting.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, marketing and advertising strategies aren’t a constant thing, and so you need to keep up with all recent trends and advancements to ensure you get the response you desire. What works well today, might be the last thing you want to try tomorrow, which is why you’ll want to keep a bookmark list of relevant industry news sources in your web browser. If you spend an hour or so reading through the most recent articles every day, you’ll vastly increase the chances of you getting things right most of the time.

5 Advertising Tricks That Can Help You To Make Money Online

1. Place Your Images On The Left

You don’t have to read hundreds of human psychology books to know that people in the west instinctively look to the left first. This is mainly because of the way we’ve all been taught to read, but you’ve only got to observe the way in which supermarkets are laid out to see it works well.

2. Place Your Text On The Right

Once you’ve caught the viewers attention with your image, they’ll instinctively follow it to the right, and this is why your text needs to be placed here. While you don’t want to write in too much detail, you do want to ensure the viewer can understand exactly what you’re advertising without reading through massive lengths of text, and so you need to think carefully about what you write. Less than 50 characters would be ideal.

3. Start Remarketing

There are lots of different advertising services out there at the moment, but most of the big players tend to use the same ones. Recently, a new feature has been added that allows your ad to follow users from site to site. This is called remarketing. While it’s still in it’s early stages as a tool, it’s already proving to be exceptionally lucrative for attracting new customers and clients.

4. Use Interesting Facial Expressions

Of course, you don’t have to put images of people in your ads, but if you do, make sure they have interesting or quirky facial expressions. You see, human beings are designed to be attracted to faces, and so this usually proves pretty fruitful when trying to catch their attention.

5. Less Is Always More

If your ads appear cluttered, or you have too much information on them, people will be less inclined to click and visit your site. As the old saying goes “less is more”, and so often large blocks of colour, small images and the least amount of text possible has the best effect.

So long as you take note of all the tricks I’ve just relayed, you should notice your ads performing better almost immediately. If they don’t, you must be doing something else wrong, so just take a step back and look again. At the end of the day, marketing is simply common sense, and nothing more.

Good luck!

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2 Responses to “5 Advertising Tricks That Can Help You To Make Money Online”

  1. Media2give says:

    I think your tips is good,coz make money online can be difficult if we don’t understand how to growth power with our site

  2. tokojubel says:

    it’s very hard work for making money online, but we must hard for promoting our site to making money


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