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5 Reasons to Not Jailbreak Your iPhone


Thinking about jailbreaking your iPhone? We have five specific reasons you shouldn’t do this or even think about it. While a lot of people online say it’s fine and you won’t get into trouble or have any problems, this isn’t really the case. If you want to avoid breaking your very expensive smartphone and voiding your warranty, you need to keep reading before you do anything to jailbreak your phone.

Five Reasons to Not Jailbreak Your iPhone

Here are five specific ways you shouldn’t think about making radical changes to your iPhone – no matter what version you own.

  1. Warranty – The first reason to not jailbreak your iPhone is the warranty. You need to read the small print carefully to understand why going too far may void the warranty. Then what happens if you break something? A lot of people report their iPhone being not as stable as it was originally after jailbreaking it.
  2. Security – Apple goes through a lot to make sure everything in their app store is secure and not a scam or some type of spam. They eventually catch everyone breaking the rules. With an iPhone that has been hacked, you can have access to new apps, but you never know what you’re getting sometimes.
  3. Legal Action – You may think you own the smartphone you’re using, but if you read the fine print you’re going to find that you might be violating copyright laws in the US if you jailbreak your phone. The DMCA is not someone you want to mess with if you can avoid it. They may not be able to find you or come after you – right now – but Apple is one of the most powerful companies in the entire world.
  4. Better Tasks – Even if you just want to prove to yourself or the world that you have ‘leet hacker skills, there are many other more creative and useful ways for you to show off your talents. The jailbreak an iPhone thing has been done. Do something new. This is not as easy as jailbreaking an iPhone but it can be a lot more rewarding.
  5. Battery Usage – When you jailbreak your iPhone you may have access to a lot of new apps, but these and the ability to tweak other things can cause you to use a lot more battery juice. You may not even realize at first until your battery drains halfway through the day rather than lasting at least until dinner.

5 Reasons to Not Jailbreak Your iPhone

While the final decision is yours, of course, we hope the five specific tips above will help you make the one that’s right for you personally. Some people jailbreak their iPhone for one reason or another, but if you want to protect your investment, it’s best to leave that kind of stuff to the hardcore geeks and nerds. And even they will find it difficult to get everything working correctly once the smartphone is hacked.

Written by: Sarah Heidi Strausberg likes SGW of Dallas for a lot of reasons. She also enjoys riding horses whenever she gets a chance to do so.

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