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7 Savvy Smart Home Technology Gadgets that Conveniently Slash Bills


If you have a computer, a tablet or smart phone , you can utilize smart home technology to control security, lighting and temperature of your home, or even expand your entertainment possibilities. Still not widely embraced, these particular services and products can make your life more comfortable, safe and efficient, not to mention, smart home technology can often save you money.

Common Convenience

The most common items utilized today are home monitoring systems, alarms and sensors that can be remotely controlled. Just about every cable company like Comcast and Verizon offers monitoring services with motion sensors, contacts on doors or windows, security cameras and lighting controls, but consumers can also choose optional smart home technology installations for energy and water.

7 Savvy Smart Home Technology Gadgets that Conveniently Slash Bills

There are also a number of other gadgets that automatically perform some of your daily tasks without human intervention;

1. Roomba; The vacuum that is simple, self-contained and ideal for busy people and pet-lovers. It’s been 10 years since iRobot launched their Roomba vacuum cleaner robot, which has sold 8 million units. Experts from iRobot decided to find a way to apply their knowledge in robotics to help consumers make one of the most boring and least satisfying tasks a lot easier: clean the floor.

2. Electronic Blinds; this is an ideal solution that works for every indoor environment. Besides darkening and saving energy, electronic blinds can provide additional security in your home. Additionally, they have the best protection for heat, acoustic levels, and thermal insulation. Thanks to this smart home technology you can get more comfort, more security and energy savings of up to 30%.

3. Automated Thermostats; There are many models which completely control indoor comfort levels, and its estimated these smart thermostats can shave up to 20% off monthly utility bills. Many models “learn” your habits over time, e.g., it stores the temperatures you prefer at different times of day or by the season. These thermostats also allow you to control the features from your smart phone.

4. Smart Refrigerators; One of the most common appliances in the world has taken a quantum leap forward. The new devices can be controlled by computers or mobile devices and has transformed the average kitchen into a “food management system.” Smart refrigerators can become accustomed to the various foods inside, and advise for recipes, and provide reminders.

5. Digital Locks; Goji is a digital lock for your home that is not only smart, but also quite advanced. It conveniently works over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. This device can send photos of visitors who are in front of the door, allowing you to activate the temporary access for a third party into your home, even when your miles away. You can also use it to record all the activity of the door locks, and the use of electronic controls that can lock/unlock the doors.

6. iDoorCam; It’s kind of web camera standing guard outside the house, with features of an intercom and can function as a motion sensor or night-vision video recording to capture images. You can activate the camera via any intelligent device, like your smart phone or tablet, and designate several administrators.

7. Digital Key; Kwikset Kevo allows homeowners to control door locks remotely. The way it works is by creating a temporary key for those times when no one is home so that, for example, friends and family who are visiting can enter, or if the keys were lost. There’s no longer a need for a locksmith if you have Kwikset Kevo.

The vast majority of smart home technology gadgets is moderately priced, and offer access to interconnected services that conveniently fit into our hurried lifestyles. Yet the biggest attraction is often the efficiency and money you can save.

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