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A New Milestone for Gamers in the iPad Family


Mobile devices today are getting better and better that the best features are what you can find in them. Not only are these gadgets used for internet browsing, emailing and chatting, they are also commonly used for gaming. In fact, gaming is one reason why many people buy a tablet. They want to experience non-stop gaming wherever and whenever they want. Portability is the main purpose why companies such as Apple and Samsung introduced these gadgets to the world.

A New Milestone for Gamers in the iPad Family

Avid tablet gamers and iPad fans will be delighted to know that Apple has just launched its latest baby in the tablet family. This November, Apple presents two great news about the new iPad release. First is the iPad Air, which is considered the most powerful tablet of its class. Second is the iPad Mini which comes in an enabled faster-retina. By the end of this month, these products will be out in the market for public purchase.

Before buying the iPad Air, it would be beneficial to know its advantages to gamers who choose to play games on this tablet. At this point, let us see what Apple has to offer:

Thinner, Lighter and Easier to Carry

The portability quality factor of the Apple iPad is what makes it easy to carry. The new iPad Air is now slimmer by 20 percent and lighter by 40 percent. It certainly defines the term ‘air’. Anything lighter is more convenient to use. This means that even the most complex games are now easier to handle. There is no reason to be tired when playing your favorite game on the iPad Air.

Zippier Wifi

People get an iPad to meet the purpose of being connected to the internet all the time. The iPad Air comes with a faster Wifi allowing users to get connected to the internet easily. As such, gamers can enjoy faster processing, downloading and purchasing thereby making you save time and effort. A faster Wifi is what makes gamers happy. Gaming is simultaneous and game time can be handled efficiently. MMO players will certainly be delighted with this development.

High-Speed Processing and More Vivid Graphics

Apple promised its users more powerful graphics with their fourth-generation iPad and this is certainly what the iPad Air has in store: more powerful video graphics surpassing the performance of its predecessor. Apparently, the iPad Air comes with an excellent A7 CPU processor, which performs eight times faster than the current iPad. High-speed processing is what you can expect with the iPad Air.

The improvement of its CPU pushes Apple to boost its hardware and pattern its capability with the standards of the latest game consoles. Therefore, this platform allows gamers to enjoy a more attractive touchscreen and upgraded graphic effects.

In addition, the iPad Air now includes an upgraded powerful A7 chip. Users and gamers will be delighted to enjoy high-speed functionality, as the device will be running its iOS on a 640bit processor. This means that the iPad Air will be equipped with more memory allowing more games to be installed and huge-sized files to be saved. Although Apple has no revelation on the exact size of its RAM, it is assured that it will be more than 4GB. The larger RAM can therefore run multiple programs all at the same time without sacrificing speed.

As far as gaming is concerned, the A7 Chip allows continuous gaming without any interruptions even with the presence of other programs running. Surprisingly, the gamers who are most pleased about this development are people who play games as simple as bingo on the go. Since the game is live and involves real money, interruptions in the gaming session can have grave consequences, an opinion voiced by bingo players who weren’t satisfied with their existing tablets.  As such, the iPad Air is a great device for players who want to play consistently with longer game time, such as the players who play on one of the iPad bingo apps detailed.

Since the advent of the iPad, the creation of video games has increased significantly because of the augmented demands for new and interesting games to play on the go.

Considering the iPad Air’s cutting technology, what gamers will expect is a more a convenient system that will allow them to take their favorite game anywhere they want to be. With the huge number of iPad games today, the iPad Air will surely be a favored gadget .

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