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Add I’m Mobile Status to Yahoo Messenger


Maybe you’ve seen “I’m Mobile” status like the picture below on your friends Yahoo status when you logged into you Yahoo messenger. To add I’m mobile status to the Yahoo Messenger actually very easy, you just need a phone numbers and the number must active (not blocked, etc.)

If you interested to add/activate “I’m mobile” status in you yahoo messenger follow the following steps. On this tutorial I use Yahoo Messenger 9, If you use using other version Yahoo Mesennger possibility the way is differ.

Here How to Add I’m Mobile Status to Yahoo Mesengger:

  • Login to Yahoo messenger. Click Messenger menu and then select preferences.
  • Click General then Click “Edit Mobile Phone” button.
  • Select your location and fill in yours Mobile phone number without first zero number. e.g your mobile phone number is “0123455567506” fill the form with “123455567506”, then click next, and You will accept Sort Message Service (SMS) containing 4 digit number for confirmation.
  • Enter the number in the confirmation windows and click Ok. Now your I’m mobile status have active.
  • To activate the status click Messenger menu then click “Sign in to xxxxxxxxx” menu.
  • Ok

Now every found a message in your yahoo messenger you will receive in your mobile phone. (note: when you offline and activate to sign in to your mobile)

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4 Responses to “Add I’m Mobile Status to Yahoo Messenger”

  1. Peter says:

    Could you also share a mobile’s show-up when an on-line Yahoo Messenger user sends IM to another guy using the mobile bundled with Yahoo Messenger 9? To be exact, what’s the number of SMS’ sender when a mobile user receive the message? Will this number contain some ZIP code or IP info? Or it’s just a number of some public message platform?

  2. nidhi says:

    wen i sign in to my yahoo id,my status on yahoo messenger which is i m on mobile sms is changed into offline.I want to know how is it possible

  3. Vi says:

    Hi I sent a message to someone who appears online, meaning no “I’m mobile” status but then ym chatbox said “your friend will receive your message on mobile”. Why is this so?

  4. Vij says:

    this seems to be a bug. none of my contacts who is online on sms showing the status “am mobile”



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