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Adding Target at “Send To” in the Windows XP


If You right clicking a file or folder in your windows it will shown  “Send To” context menu. The Menu commonly use to move or copy a file to destination location. This features will help user when copying the file or folder easily. By default user only can use send to target to some available locations but by modifying the setting you adding more destination for this context menu. I’ve tested this tips in Windows XP, I don;t know this methods work also on other windows version or not.

You Might possibly often moving or copying file to folder location which not listed on Send To target. Try this methods to add more target:

  1. Go to folder “C:\Windows\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Send To”. at old windows version located in “c:\windows\send to” folder.
  2. In the right pane, right click mouse and create New – Shortcut target.
  3. If dialogue box appear click browse button and select a target folder then click Ok

Note: “USERNAME” is name of user that login into windows

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One Response to “Adding Target at “Send To” in the Windows XP”

  1. FunnyNick says:

    It didn’t work for me. My XP doesn’t have the folders mentioned:
    C:\Windows\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Send To or
    c:\windows\send to
    I did a search and there is no folder or file called Send To.
    It’s a pity because I wanted to add to my send to list.


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