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Adjustment Program Epson R1900 – Resetter Epson R1900


Adjustment Program Epson R1900 or Software Resetter Epson R1900. The adjustment is from OrTHoTaMiNe, he send me download link the Adjustment Program Epson R1900 or software Resetter Epson R1900. Such as Adjustment program Epson TX200 in my previous post this software need load loader to run the software in any computer.

How to reset Waste Ink Pad Counter for R1900 using this software.

Before follow this steps download the adjustment program Epson R1900 and extract.

  • To run to the program click loader.exe, then click accept. Don’t click adjprog.exe directly.
  • Set port setting and destination, or you can select auto selections -Ok. Click particular adjustment mode.
    adjustment program epson R1900 setting
  • Select waste ink pad counter from maintenance menu.
    Adjustment Program Epson R1900 menu
  • Click initialization button to reset the counter.
    Adjustment Epson R1900 Reset Waste Ink Counter

Download link for Adjustment Progran epson R1900 or Software resetter Epson R1900:
Alternate Link:

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5 Responses to “Adjustment Program Epson R1900 – Resetter Epson R1900”

  1. CATALIN says:

    OLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, it working….thanks …thanks

  2. OTTO says:


  3. Easuful says:

    You’re super Good man ! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH !!!!!

  4. Moke says:

    Praise Jesus,

    one the 3rd day, my R1900 has resurrected. You da man Bro…. Aloha from Hawaii!

  5. Yon says:

    How to reset r1900 help me



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