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Adjustment Program Epson T10 – Resetter Epson T10


Many reader ask me “where I can download software resetter Epson T10 or T11”, Now I get download link for software resetter or adjustment program for Epson T10 or T11. But the software mentioned here is not original adjustment program Epson T10 because the software has cracked by OrTHoTaMiNe. Although its cracked program, all features on this software work fine.

Epson Stylus T10 is Inkjet Printer with water and smudge resistant prints with 4 color individual cartridges and this printers have using Epson DURABrite Ultra Inks. This epson printer is best choice for home user if require high resolution print quality because this printer can print up to 5760 x 1440 dpi with print speed  22 ppm (black) and 13 ppm (color). Interface this printer to connected to PC using  USB 2.0.


Unlike previous adjustment program for epson, to use this resetter no date setting require. You can click direcly AdjProg,Exe to run the resetter.

Here some look n feel of adjustment program Epson T11:

waste ink counter epson T10 resetter epson T10

Download Adjustment Program Epson T10 or Epson T11:

Updated: Request from reader, I have upload the software to new location. New download link on the software on MediaFire: Resetter Epson T10 and T11

Posted by Fz 67 Responses

67 Responses to “Adjustment Program Epson T10 – Resetter Epson T10”

  1. Bagus says:

    Thanks for Reset t10. I try for epson t11 result very gratify and very compatible

  2. ronron6940 says:

    thanks 4 the software its really works on my printer.more power!

  3. collin says:

    cx8300 & cx9300f why can not execute?i according your instruction to chanching date to 4-11-2008 then execute adj. then press the butten “select”,did not any i wrong?

  4. Fz says:

    @collin, maybe this article can solve your problem run adjustment withour error

  5. rizal says:

    link error sir, please upload again for my printer

  6. formybhe says:

    please upload again to other file hosting site, thanks a lot

  7. Fz says:

    New download link for Resetter Epson T10 and Resetter Epson T11 has available. please try new download link if on rapidshare broken

  8. tannex says:

    it seems your file resetter has been remioved from the server again bro. can u upload it again? thank you very much… you rock bro.

  9. Yam says:

    Thank you very much bro….you’re GREAT!!!

  10. tannex says:

    100% working… thanks much…

  11. nivram says:

    your the man bro………….. thanks for that reseter………..

  12. alfie says:

    thanks for the application… its help me a lot…thanks

  13. Simply Best2 says:

    thanks for this awesome adjustment program.. special thanks too to seRkan who made crack this thing..
    hopefully it will work on my Epson T10.. Im not tested yet

    thanks a lot….

  14. eVeS dIsTriCt 9 says:

    thanks sir your the man it really true the reseter it’s really working i try to reset because my t10 end of services, hope you have other reseter for other model of any king of printer god bless you always

  15. mike says:

    thank you very much and so much i been looking for solong for t10 resettter. im not afraid interms of printing this time…..
    your awesome men………………………

    god blessss….

  16. bong says:

    i installed bnew mainboard for my epson t10 but it seems my ciss won’t recognize my newly replaced mainboard. It detected no ink cartridge. how could i configure this using adjustment program (indoreset) to be able to function my printer..I also search for the service manual but unluckily couldn’t find..

    Can anybody help me for this..or is there someone out there that has a kind heart to share for the service manual…thnx a lot…

  17. jomen says:

    yup, i try it and it’s working, thanks a lot to the one who share it.i’ve been looking for this for a couple of months already. thank you very much cause without it my printer is useless. thanks a lot

  18. Dayan Fernando says:

    No, I couldn’t solve any problem. I have Epson T10. The resetter didn’t reset the waste ink pad counter. Still the red light is blinking. Pls help me…!!!

  19. kc beauty says:

    Fz !
    Good day!
    Will you please give us another download link!
    Coz the two links aren’t working.
    Hoping for your kind heart!

  20. glenn says:

    thanx for the resetter bro, it really works in my printer epson will no longer prompts ink waste paste replacement because your resetter works fine..thanks again…By the way,do u have a manual on how to fix Sony cybershot 7.2pxl, because its lense will no longer open? can u send it to bless more power…

  21. Fz says:

    @glenn, Sorry at this time I dont have manual for Sony cybershot 7.2pxl

  22. jane says:

    tnx.. sa ressetter i’ve done resetting my printer… tnx/… God bless

  23. gnikcah says:

    i just saved 1,700 for these software… thanks so much…

  24. Bosz Soriano says:

    Im done.. Its working.. thanks i don’t need to pay to someone who offer to reset my printer..

    Its really WORKING!!!

  25. joven says:

    hi ive download the epson t10 restter but it work work… can u pls help me

  26. patrick says:

    tnx for this briliant software… i save 300 pesos every time i get my printer reset.. tnx a lot

  27. Rhoy says:

    Yes! It really works. maayong ubra ni. thanks a lot.

  28. kite says:

    you just saved me a ton of cash!!!

  29. yveth says:

    how can i use this program? please help me, thanks alot

  30. Fz says:

    @yveth, To use Epson T10 resetter like run resetter epson c90 you can read the tutorial at this page:

  31. Ako Iyon says:

    i use the software to my epson stylus t10 nd it definitely worked very well! tank u a bunch…

  32. PFISA says:

    This one really works!!! Thank you so much and God Bless You!!!

  33. Peter Gilsonn says:

    Thank you very much..It worked and it saved me money…Thank you very much and God bless you…:)

  34. George M. Vasquez says:

    Thank you very much. It worked for my t10 very well too. Make it good po.

  35. PunTyok says:

    i’ve downloaded a reseter before, but it doesn’t work. but then, i found ur download link.. so informative, u’r a good guy, willing to share, help. Peace be with you.. 🙂

  36. Morgoth says:

    thx a lot dude, keep it up… a million tnx again..

  37. benj says:

    how can i shared my printer to other network?

  38. Reagan Azuelo says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this tool. I used this tool on my Epson Stylus T10 to reset it and it perfectly work. Thank you once again and God bless…

  39. tabyanks says:

    my printer is response now… thanks very much…. many thanks..

  40. harvey5 says:

    You just fixed my problem. Instead of printing blue the printer prints pink, done a couple of cleaning already, even tried declogging, still blue prints pink… now everything’s back to normal… Thank you very much!

  41. minhwa says:


    2 of my colored inks have runned out, 1 color is low on alert, and black is refilled full. i only use black and hopes to avoid buying color refills. how do i use this tool to trick my printer to accept the empty color catridges?

  42. AZ-Newbie says:

    Sir, when i’m used the “Resetter Epson T10 and T11” it said

    Communication Error!
    Error Code: 20000215

    and Ink out error

  43. napster says:

    works like a charm… 🙂 thanks!

  44. gio says:

    100% effective. tnx alot, u save my day…

  45. simabait says:

    please help me why i cant reset my printer?? can someone show the step by step or send the link here on how to reset my printer?? it cost lot PhP 300 please help me to save money really need huhuh

  46. Abetski says:

    This is AWESOME!!!! two thumbs up!

  47. Jay says:

    thank you so much, it’s very usefull… I wish you luck and continued success!!!

  48. bernard says:

    thanks for the tool

  49. Carl says:

    thank you very much, it is a very good and effective software. may you be blessed.

  50. GreenJedi says:

    My T10 is CISS. The cartridge doesn’t fill up, if I raise the tanks it will fill but will dump to the bottle connected to the hose that was removed from the ink pad of the printer. The “no ink” light is always on when printer is turned on. I did reset of cartridges by pressing the button at its back like the YouTube instructions. It doesn’t change. I downloaded this T10 resetter and it works but it cannot find my printer even if it is connected properly. I can’t check/reset the pad. Please… please help! Somebody! God bless you!

  51. drym says:

    thank you so much…. GOD bless you…………

  52. Mags says:

    I tried so many times unfortunately didnt work on my printer. When click Get Status button i received FATAL ERROR response. i hope you could suggest some other way.

    Thanks in advance

  53. WENDEL says:

    I finish reset but i receive fatal error response when i start printing please give some idea.

  54. ryan14 says:

    how many pages EPson p2650 can print in a cartridge?

  55. rhounz says:

    thank you so much….>God bless for the author of this software…..:)

  56. Makoy says:

    Thank you so much! God Bless. Really Big Help.

  57. javy says:

    my t10 is ciss. what should i do to? because every time i turned my printer the no ink/ink replacement is allways blink everytime i open it. and it result for not responding my printer.. what should i do to repair it?? please help me..

  58. Fz says:

    @javy, you may need to reset your printer. If you use CISS in your printer, usually there i a button next to the cartridges, the button can be used to reset ink level in your printer

  59. javy says:

    but sir it doesnt work., i already try it but nothing change

    while regards on site where i can download the resetter, when i process it the error communication will appear

    please help me

  60. javy says:

    one more thing sir.. i think on of the problem also is my OS because before i using XP but suddenly it corrupt so i install window7. but before i already use it even though my OS now is window the problem now is the Resetter of it.

    communication error!
    error code: 20000010

    that’s the exact text that appear when I attemp to click the check button on the waste ink pad counter. what should I do to resolve it..
    please email me at

  61. javy says:

    finally i made it!! thanks a lot!!

  62. SAMUEL WVS says:

    thanks..very effective. God bless you all!

  63. ismael says:

    great! thank you very much!

  64. Cheryl says:

    This one works! Great! Thank you very much

  65. joel says:

    thanks ow some printer resetter thanks a lot

  66. SAMUEL WVS says:

    It really works! God bless TC. Thanks…..

  67. Ram says:

    you are definitely a savior!!!….. I almost loses hope…. Thanks a lot….

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