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All About Telephone


Telephone is a communication tool used to deliver voice messages (especially messages in the form of a conversation). Most telephones operate using electrical signal transmission in the telephone network so as to allow telephone users to communicate with other users.

The basic principle of the telephone is when the telephone receiver is lifted, positioning the phone called “off hook”. Then the circuit is divided into two lines in which positive section will serve as a Tip showing the zeros on the negative will serve as the Ring showing the numbers-48V DC. Both the line that later will process the message from the sender to the receiver. In order to provide a voice on the telephone, electrical signals are transmitted through the telephone cord that is then converted into a signal that can be heard by the telephone receiver.

For analog technology, the transmission of analog signals sent from the central office (CO) will be converted to digital transmission. The numbers as a telephone number is a merger between tones and specific frequency which is then called a Dual-tone multi frequency DTMF and has units of Hertz. The main relationship that exists in the circuit would be on hook when opened, then will come the vibration. The sound that appears on the recipient’s telephone call had been marked is ready to use.

All About Telephone

In general all the phone number is paid especially beautiful numbers certainly expensive, but there are also providing free like the 0800 numbers, it’s freephone Numbers are free to call from UK landlines. Research shows that, when you use a free-to-call number, the amount of calls you receive can quickly double or triple, so you can try it.

If you are interested here would be share about the history of the telephone, read it below

The History of the Telephone

  • 1871 Antonio Meucci’s have patented his invention, called sound Telegraph. His invention allows the presence in the form of voice communication between two people with the use of an cable intermediary.
  • 1875, telecommunications company The Bell get a patent for the invention of Meucci called transmitters and Receivers for Electric Telegraphs. This system uses multiple vibration of steel to provide a pause on the circuit.
  • 1876, Bell company patented the Improvement in Telegraphy. This system provides a method for transmitting voice by telegraph.
  • 1877, Charles Williams Shop, is a place where the telephone is first made with the supervision of Watson, who then became a research and Development Department of the telecommunications company. Alexander Graham Bell continues to monitor the productivity of the company so that at the end of the year as many as three hundred telephone can be used. The Bell companies have also been patented the electro-magnetic telephone using permanent magnets, iron diaphragms, and a call is ringing.
  • 1878, Board replacement for manually enabling many the Telephone connected through a channel of exchanges. under the leadership of Theodore n. Vail, the Bell company has 10,000 telephone that can be used.
  • 1880, the first metallic circuits installed. This circuit is the renewal of the one-wire circuit into two-wire. These updates help reduce the distractions that often felt with the use line of one-wire.
  • 1891, Telephone with dial number was first used. The telephone will work automatically connects callers to the operator by pressing the dial numbers based on his instructions.
  • 1915, Telephone with wireless system was first used. This system makes it easy to telephone users interconnected cross country.

Digital Telephone

Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is done based on a direct relationship between the sender and receiver must use the copper wires, fiber optic, satellite, fixed wireless, and mobile wireless circuit. The network involves use of basic components, namely telephone, network access, central office (CO), trunks and special circuit, and customer premise equipment (CPE). The development of the PSTN as a digital telephone system has increased the capacity and quality of jaringanya making it possible to use several communication channels in a medium of Exchange.

Early Telephone as a Means of Commercial:

  • 1940, the mobile telephone was first used commercially. This innovation was previously used as help tool of war to snap shots and improve the quality of radar. Finished the war, hundreds of telephones installed by using this system. Microwave radio installed for long-distance relationships.
  • 1959, Princess telephone was first introduced.
  • 1963, telephones with voice button is released.
  • 1971, independent telecommunications companies allowed to develop a communications system that was developed for business. Millions of telephone lines has been used community.
  • 1983, Judge Harold Greene successfully outperformed the Bell company which had previously been stripped of rights to a monopoly.
  • 1899, AT&T or The American Telephone and Telegraph Company had getting asset and get the patent rights from the American Bell company. AT&T was founded in 1885 as the owner of the entire subsidy from the American Bell who is in charge of setting up and operating a long distance telephone network.
  • 1913, amplifiers electric was first practiced by AT&T. this system allows a telephone connection between continents.
  • 1927, AT&T started the project the transatlantic telephone service in London using two lines of radio. But the project is still far from ideal because of the spate of disturbance in radio, has a small capacity, and the cost of an expensive telephone. Then the project was transferred to the transpacific in 1964.
  • 1969, telephone users in America has reached 90%. AT&T be the best telephone systems laboratory in the world.

IP Telephone

IP telephone  (Internet Protocol) is telephone a new technology that uses the internet protocol to operate. IP telephones can be used to move the relationship, to change sound, send faxes, packages of video, and the delivery of other information that has been used in a previous telephone system. IP telephone uses an internet connection to send the data. In the process, the IP telephone service will work with local telephone companies, long-distance providers like AT&T, cabel TV companies, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and wireless service provider.

IP telephone is an important part of the merger between the computer, telephone and television communications in one environment. VoIP (Voice over IP) is organizing to standardize IP telephones. VoIP is used as a foundation for unified message (UM) and unified communications (UC). Without VoIP, integration of the various programs the server will be hard to do. The existing network at the IP not the type that is equipped to deal with VoIP traffic system LAN must be divided between VLANS with voice mail and data.

New Generation Network

Next-generation networks (NGN) change the approach of “one network, one service” into the delivery of various services over a single network. The system is based on the internet protocol (IP), NGN built in development of broadband networks, Voice over IP (VoIP), convergence of fixed-mobile and IP television (IPTV). This new generation network using a number of technologies such as wireless and mobile, fiber and cable, or the renewal of existing copper lines. Countries that have adopted this technology are developed countries.

Developing countries can adopt the NGN technology using the wireless broadband access so as to make the development of information and communication technology (ICT) can eliminate the barriers to innovate and invest. In the development of NGN technology, there are two technologies that are instrumental on optical transmission ie network based SDH and DWDM. Ability to send out bandwidth on SDH reach STM-64 (10 Gbps) and DWDM n x at 2.5 Gbps or n x 10 Gbps (n is the number of wavelengths).

The risk of large capacity of both of these technologies is a considerable loss of information that enough big on failures in the network delivery. Protection system commonly used in NGN is a protection device, link protection, protection based on topology and optical canal protection (DWDM). On the system of protection of the device, the signal of the canal protection will be removed and diverted to the Canal work if the signal received from the tip of the delivery is already working properly. On the system protection link, physical link that used to be staples of the processing of protection. However, the protection used in NGN is heavily dependent on the needs of the network itself. Overall the protection there is no type that meets all needs NGN protection.

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