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An iPhone Tester Caught In Apple’s Supply Chain


You probably know that Apple sold a lot of iPhones in the past. Even the latest model – the iPhone 5 – sold millions of units each and every week, especially after it was first released. What you might not realize is everything Apple had to go through to make sure they could produce enough smartphones to keep up with the demand.

A lot of Apple’s hardware is actually produced in Asia where the labor is a lot less expensive. Just imagine the cost of the iPhone if it was all built and assembled in the United States or another “first world” nation. However, while it’s cheaper to get things produced in Asia and elsewhere in the world, this strategy comes with problems of its own.

An iPhone Tester Caught In Apple's Supply Chain

Most iPhones and other Apple devices are put together and assembled in China, but before the parts get there they’re produced in other countries – on four different continents. As you might imagine, trying to keep tabs on everything that needs to work smoothly is quite difficult. And no, there’s not an app to help with the task.

Fortunately, Apple has had a lot of experience dealing with this problem. Still, Dhong and his wife Salome – both Christians who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior – were caught up in the nightmare that is Apple’s current supply chain around the world. Dhong paid $250 for the opportunity to travel where Hinduism and Buddhism reign supreme.

The religious differences weren’t the only problem Dhong and his wife had to deal with – far from that in fact. After giving up his passport, Dhong was told to go to Kathmandu in order to work as a part of Apple’s supply chain. He had to come up with another $500 upfront, though, which was difficult because he was a dairy farmer.

After borrowing $350 – which he gave to the broker who promised him a job – he headed to Kathmandu to start his new life. He was hoping for a great job that would enable him to pay back the broker and others, but the situation got bad once he arrived. From the 12 hour workdays to the clothing he had to wear, there was a lot to not like about the job.

But again, things got even worse for him. Thanks to the government of Nepal and the greed of Apple, he was paid around $178 a month for his long 12 hour days each month. Dhong’s job was to test the new camera on the iPhone 5. Eventually he lost the job when the demand for the phone went down.

Rather than going home, however, he was trapped in the foreign nation because he didn’t have enough money to pay to get his passport back from the broker. This led to a lot of other headaches. Before you praise Apple for being the pinnacle of technology companies, think about what they do to humans around the world in order to meet the demand for their expensive products.

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