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Audials One 8 Review and 40% Discount


New version Audials One ver.8 just and you can get 40% discount on the new release Audials one software. Audials One delivers every imaginable kind of entertainment from any source (music, films, videos and internet radio stations). Normal price of Audials one 8 is $79.90 but you can get discount 40% by buying the new release the software if buying the software from following link: Discount 40% by buying Audials One 8

Audials One 8 Review

Audials One supplies you with unlimited music completely free, ultra-fast and totally legal. With this software you can get music from Internet site or by copying/recording it from thousands online radio station. Audials One also can be used as music player, video recorder and Internet film downloader and more. There a tens useful features on Audials One 8 and all features divide in two option features that is “Get mode” and “Organize mode”.

Organize Mode Feature

On organize mode allow user to organize their multimedia (audio and video) files easily. This software allow user organize their multimedia file by genre, by artist or by file.

Audial One 8 - Organize Features

Get Files Mode Feature

On get files mode allow user to record music from thousands internet radio station, search multimedia file on internet, capture, podcast, convert the multimedia file and more.

Audial One 8 - Get Files feature

Audials One 8 Features

  • Audials One supplies with unlimited music. Just enter any music genre, any artist, any album or any title and Audials One will finds the music in a flash.
  • With podcasting feature, Audials One bring a veritable of free entertainment from the world of podcasting.
  • Video recorder and Internet film downloader, allow user to download and record variety video and film from internet.
  • Convert every file format. The Audials One built-in universal converter supports every file format required by today’s PCs, mobile phones, iPods and other mobile devices.
  • Remove copy-protection from the multimedia file you copied and it support for the latest DRM protection.
  • Just it. No, you can view the complete features below. If you are interested to try the Audials One 8, you can download the software from following link: Audials One 8

Complete List of Audials One 8 features

  1. Podcasts, regular broadcasts on a specific topic, e.g. news, sports, music, etc.
  2. Wishes. To view fulfills your music and video wishes
  3. Capture. Recording all music and vide what you see and hear on internet.
  4. Audials Community: Getting and sharing your multimedia with Audials community.
  5. Automatic recording. To record multiple radio stations automatically and scheduled the record.
  6. Automatically generate wishlists based on a genre
  7. Avoiding duplicate media files
  8. Burning CDs and DVDs
  9. Recording and converting feature. You can control the recording and converting process easily.
  10. Cutting recorded music and create is as ringtone
  11. Export the content to USB gadgets
  12. Getting more music and videos music from internet radio stations and wishlists from other users
  13. Playing media files.
  14. Tagging your media collections.
  15. Searching Music and Video on internet and more.

Audials gives 40% discount for’s reader by buying Audials One 8. If you want to get the discount, click the link mentioned above.

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