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Avoid Google Penalities With These Helpful Tips for Small Business


An SEO campaign that’s going to work long term, rather than produce short term results can be difficult to implement. You need to be very careful indeed, as some strategies can now result in Google penalties that can eventually ruin your business. Everyone waits with bated breath when Google release an algorithm update, and a few have been particularly damaging. Panda penalised low quality content, while Penguin had it in for sites that were involved in shady link building schemes. To avoid this happening, small businesses should make note of these helpful tips:

Avoid Google Penalities With These Helpful Tips for Small Business

Don’t Think About Pursuing Vanity Goals

Many businesses set out to pursue vanity goals, without considering the consequences first. For example, I know somebody that decided to try to split their site into multiple microsites as they though a different focus for each would help their company’s brand. Google didn’t yet trust these domains, so the rankings tanked faster than Lewis Hamilton round a race track. Stick to business goals and forget vanity goals.

Keep Your Eye on Technical Issues

Any technical problems can slowly chip away at a well crafted SEO program. For example, broken 301 redirects can impact your search rankings.

Be Careful When it Comes to Links

Everybody knows that links pointing to a site are Google’s way of determining the value of that site. Over the years, many businesses have paid for links from other sites, which is a black hat method that Google does not approve of. The best way to get links is to earn them with quality content that people want to share! If you need expert help, a professional search marketing company can help you to get the right kinds of links.

Drop Spammy Anchor Texts

Anchor text is the highlighted text with a hypertext link attached to it. Anchor text abuse by getting a load of sites to link to yours with your chosen anchor text can actually tell Google that you haven’t earned your reputation and affect your site’s rankings. If you’re going to get people to link to you, mix up the link text.

Build a Strong Online Reputation

It’s very important that you build up a strong online reputation. It’s important you bring something new to the table in order to get noticed, so try to differentiate yourself and put out unique content.

Get Everyone Involved With SEO

You should be working closely with people who have other responsibilities, in other departments, and so on in order to hit your company’s SEO goals. By getting everybody involved, a business can easily preserve the traffic coming to the site from Google. The progress can be amazing when people work together!

Solve Target Customers’ Problems

To create a defense against any future Google algorithm changes, it’s important you focus on creating content that answers your target customer’s problems and questions. Be a trustworthy resource and you’ll become a go-to site for many people. Interact with others and make yourself open and available. You’ll build your brand in a positive way by doing this, which is good for your rankings AND business!

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