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Be Prepared, China will be King of Internet


China is developing internet network system which is more secure and faster than the West, New Scientist reports in its official page.

The Proceedings of the Royal Society, dissect the progress details that achieved of China’s in creating the next generation internet that his scale is wider than that developed by West.

Next generation Internet of China is based on the answers to two large gaps in the “Routing”, it’s reports the New England Complex Systems Institute.

The first gap is the inability of internet blocking malicious web traffic. While malware can quickly replicate and deploy this dangerous traffic, only institutions respond to online aggression it within the framework of the individual.

Instead China thus has developed a better internet defenses. One of the most important aspects of the next generation backbone is a security feature that is named Source Address Validation Architecture (SAVA).

Be Prepared, China will be King of Internet

Most internet issues from inability to authenticate the IP address on the computer that tries to connect to the network. SAVA was able to overcome this shortcoming by adding check points on the entire network, and check out these points creates a trusted computer database in line with the IP addresses.

As a result, the data packets will be blocked if the computer and the IP addresses do not match.

Steve Wolff, one of the early pioneers of the internet, said SAVA should be adopted more widely.

The second gap is endless internet slots. And standard of determining a common computer room apply now–Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) uses a numbering system only had space under 4.3 billion.

For years Internet engineers developed the new standard that nicknamed the IPv6 to be raising number of internet slots up to 80,000 trillion times.

However the development of IPv6 is very slow, but the time continues to pursue and slot-slot IPv4 in many regions of the world will run out this year.

But China has long been prepared with this question, especially since most people drive a lot, all of which requires an internet connection.

“China has a national backbone that operate under the IPv6 network protocol as the original. We do not have anything like this in the U.S., “said Donald Riley, IT specialist at the University of Maryland who led Chinese American Network Symposium.

China has operated a network of new generation, the ISP or internet service provider 3TNet that allows IPv6 to complement television-television so that television has programs to stream high-definition (HD).

It also became the base for the system that is able to monitor and control the flow of internet traffic, for example, can support remote medical services or fiddle course distance of time instantly in HD format.

All of that is potentially merengkuh more people, with the internet speed is higher than the present.

“If you think about the future of the internet, anyone who explores the territory and first mapped, would have an absolute advantage,” said Riley was quoted as saying New Scientist.

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