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Beautiful Gift Bag Ideas on a Budget


Sticking to a budget during gift giving season, for birthdays and special occasions can be difficult. This is especially true when a special occasion may come up suddenly. There are ways that, even on the tightest budget, you will be able to provide beautiful Gift bags and maintain your budget. In fact, there are ways to create beautiful gift bags with just a few unique ideas and some items you may already have. These ideas will help you stay within a budget and still provide memorable gifts for any occasion.

Gift Wrapper Gift Bags

Most people purchase beautiful gift wrap for holiday gift giving. The problem is, this often leaves people with a lot of gift wrap in storage. This problem can be fixed easily if you know how to create gift wrapper gift bags for gift giving throughout the year. Not only do you stay on budget, but you also use an item to its full potential meaning you have used very little money on something beautiful.

Beautiful Gift Bag Ideas on a Budget

Gift wrap gift bags can be made by cutting the gift wrap to a reasonable size for the gift you are giving. After you have cut the gift bag, simply fold over the sides to create a four sided bag and seal the sides with a glue stick and decorative ribbon. Fold the bottom and seal with a glue stick to create a folded bag bottom. To reinforce the bottom you can use a small cutting of cardboard. To give the bag an added touch, create ribbon handles by using coordinating ribbon and string the ribbon through carefully placed holes on the top front and back of the bag.

Cloth and Stitched Gift Bags

A common occurrence in most households is to have scraps of fabric left over from different projects. This is especially true if you are a crafter. A great way to utilize those scraps is to create small gift bags. There are two ways that you can make beautiful gift bags from extra cloth and scraps. The first way is to create a simple bag from the fabric with ribbon or coordinating fabric handles and borders. This can be done with a sewing machine or by using a heat stitching fabric to fuse the fabric into a bag shape. The great thing about this type of bag is that you can create any shape or design to fit even the most unique gift.

The second way to use scrap cloth to create a beautiful gift bag is to use a simple fabric bag such as a burlap bag or old wine bottle bag and add a special touch. If you are familiar with cross-stitch or embroidery methods, you can add a special monogram to the bag to give that special touch that may not be available in store bought gift bag items.

Cloth and Stitched Gift Bags

Brown and Beautiful

You may not believe that a brown paper bag could be turned into a beautiful gift bag. The truth is, with the right amount of work and a few small touches; you can create a beautiful gift bag that is simple and unique. A simple idea for turning a brown paper bag into something beautiful is to use burlap or a gingham material as a ribbon handle. This simple touch can change the entire look from a plain brown bag into something rustic and creative. Personalize the gift bag further with black and white or sepia colored print outs of the individual receiving the gift or with special pictures commemorating the occasion. This will add a special and memorable touch to an otherwise simple item.

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