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Benefits of a VoIP Phone System for Small Business


Thinking about moving to a VoIP phone system for small business? Routing phone calls over the Internet is a smart move for many small business owners as VoIP can slash calling costs dramatically and phone quality will also increase dramatically. Below are a few of the many benefits of VoIP phone system for small business:

1. Lower calling costs – Calls are routed over the Internet rather than over public switched telephone networks, resulting in dramatically lower calling costs. In addition, your small business VoIP system can likely be routed over your existing network. If your a business looking to cut expenses, look into switching your telephone system.

Benefits of a VoIP Phone System for Small Business

2. More featuresVoIP phone systems tend to be feature rich. For example, auto attendants, voicemail, music on hold, CallerID, and voicemail to email transcription are common VoIP features. In addition, many systems include optional features that you can add as needed. For example, you can add Advanced Multi-Site, Automatic Call Distribution, Conference Center, Dual Language Support, and other add-ons to your Allworx phone system (Source:

3. PortabilityVoIP phone systems are extremely portable. Instead of having your assigned business number ported to a physical landline in your office, it’s portable. Whether you move your office across town or across the globe, your virtual phone number will work with your VoIP phone system for small business as long as you have IP connectivity. You can even use a VoIP phone system when traveling.

4. Flexibility for individual users – Everyone in your office will love the flexibility of VoIP phone systems. For example, users can set up their office phones to list alternate phone numbers and routing options so that if they do not answer their phones after a given number of rings, the system will try various options (such as cell phones) before routing the call to voicemail. The “do not disturb” feature is also appreciated as it allows users to temporarily direct calls to voicemail or a colleague during times when it’s crucial to work uninterrupted.

5. Rich media serviceThe traditional phone system only provides users with voice and fax services with very limited video service. However, with switching to a VoIP system makes being able to send instant messages, create voice or video calls, check if someone is online, offline or busy, transfer images, and more is all possible. VoIP technology makes rich media service possible, integrating with other protocols and applications. Rich media service not only provides multiple options of media to users, but also creates new markets in the communications industry, such as VoIP service in mobile phones (Source:

A VoIP phone system for small business can deliver a robust feature set while cutting costs and ensuring that your entire team can be reached according to their needs. Call quality has improved as well, making VoIP attractive and beneficial. If your a small business looking to improve call quality and cut costs, look into a VoIP phone system, trust me you will not regret it.

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