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Bing be New Hope Microsoft to Compete with Google


Microsoft Corp. put a new hope on Bing division to compete with Google following the stretegi company was making Bing as a base the search on all of its products.

“The big change (site) search as a product that is by playing it in depth”, said the head of Microsoft’s Bing, Qi Lu, as reported by the The Verge.

Lu said Microsoft’s enter the search Bing as base information when producing their products such as Windows, Office, Windows Phone, Xbox.

Bing be New Hope Microsoft to Compete with Google

Related of the main competition with a Google search site, Lu said Bing had greater opportunities to provide context and other data if it is fully accessible with physical objects as bracelets or eyeglasses.

“Currently, the way of human beings express their interest and their needs far beyond the search type in key words. You can use your voice to chat, you can use hand gestures to express yourself, “said Lu.

General Manager Bing, Adam Sohn, said, “the fight between us and Google will end up on who can build an understanding to the people (users) more rapidly and in a more anticipatory”.

Sohn emphasizes the context of the use of information for the users of its services than just provide insight into all that is sought or required of the user.

“Google will understand every entity on the planet and we will understand each other entity on the planet. But, the question becomes what do you do with that information? “said Sohn.

Sohn believes the typing in the search box like Google and Bing are currently will not be a standard form in the future.

Confidence Sohn to face Google’s, looks at main source of Microsoft income comes from products and software services, not advertising.

“They (Google) is different than our position with 97 percent of the revenue comes from advertising. I think 97 percent our revenue not comes from advertising”, said Sohn.

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