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Z1 Glass Opera Skin-Make Opera Browser Full Transparent

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Z1 Glass Opera Skin-Make Opera Browser Full TransparentZ1 Glass Opera Skin  that make Opera browser full transparent. You are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista operating system with Aero support. If you are using  Opera browser version 10.50 or newest version on your computer You can use your browser full transparent. With “Z1-Glass” skin you cam make your opera browser more beautiful and full transparent like glass. You can view the picture below the screenshot opera after installed Z1-Glass... [ Continue reading... ]


TV FOX-Watch TV from Firefox Browser

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TV FOX-Watch TV from Firefox BrowserWatching TV using Firefox browser on more than 2000 Live TV Channels with “TV FOX” Add-on for Firefox you can do it. “TV FOX” is a Mozilla plug-in that lets you watch TV from your Mozilla Firefox browser, it’s Easy and Free. To use “TV FOX” you must have Windows Media Player Firefox Plug-in. You can get Windows Media Player Firefox Plug-in here. To use “TV FOX” download and install “TV FOX” plug-in. You can download... [ Continue reading... ]


TwentyTen-Microsoft Office 2010 Theme for Firefox

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TwentyTen-Microsoft Office 2010 Theme for FirefoxTwentyTen is a Firefox Themes inspired by graphics, and color schemes to match all of the Microsoft Office 2010 applications. The tabs, address bar, navigation bar and file menu all give a look similar to Microsoft Office 2010 User Interface. This themes has an offered the all the color of office 2010 for setting in firefox and you can chose your own choice. Aero Glass effects can be toggled on or off, so if you are not running Windows Vista... [ Continue reading... ]


Auto Shutdown PC when Completed Download with Auto Shutdown Firefox Add-On

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Auto Shutdown PC when Completed Download with Auto Shutdown Firefox Add-OnMost of users will leave the Computer turned on all night when downloading a huge files that may take a few hours.  If you leave the computer while the computer on its mean waste of energy. If you want to save electrical energy and you use Firefox as your Internet browser I suggest to install  auto Shutdown  firefox add-on on your browser. Auto shutdown add-on can monitor download activity and shutdown the computer when download completed.... [ Continue reading... ]


Speed up Firefox with SpeedyFox

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Speed up Firefox with SpeedyFoxThere are some way to speed up firefox setting. One of the way using software. One of the software can be used to optimize firefox setting is SpeedyFox. Firefox uses the SQLite database to store settings and other important things (a database for "profile"). SpeedyFox just compact the database. Database = small = Firefox faster. The speedup that occurs after you use SpeedyFox will vary depending on how long you used the specific profile that you... [ Continue reading... ]


Create Firefox Themes and Color for Your Firefox

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Create Firefox Themes and Color for Your FirefoxYou are bored with the look and color of your firefox. You want look n feel your firefox more pleasant, Install anycolor add-ons and colorfultabs add-ons. With anycoloe add-ons you can create your own firefox theme and color wheread colorfultabs add-ons color every tabs with different color. AnyColor add-ons AnyColor Change Firefox to Any Color and lets you customize your Firefox and create your own personalized theme. A dynamic theme that... [ Continue reading... ]


Mouse Gestures Firefox Addons

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Mouse Gestures Firefox AddonsUntil newest version of firefox (firefox 3.5), there no mouse gesture feature in firefox. But with an adons you can add mouse gesture feature in Firefox. Do not like gesture feature in Opera, in firefox there custom feature. so you can edit, adding or delete mouse gesture function. Following mouse gesture addons for firefox. But this version does not work in Firefox 3.5. Download Mouse gesture redox:... [ Continue reading... ]

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