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Wordtracker Firefox Addons – SEO Tools for Blogger

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Wordtracker Firefox Addons – SEO Tools for BloggerMany search engine optimization (SEO) tools available on internet and one of the most popular SEO tool is wordtracker. Wordtracker can be used to search keyword often used in search engine. But word tracker is not free. Now wordtacker lab release firefox addons free SEO tools for blogger, but this tools doesn’t have facility to export the keyword research like wordtracker. Several Critical Factors In SEO is keyword in title, meta tag and... [ Continue reading... ]


Tips n Tricks and Tweak Registry for Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

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Tips n Tricks and Tweak Registry for Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)Tip tweak registry setting for IE8 to increase connections limit and move the menu bar position. This registry tweak useful if you use faster internet connections or you want love menu style on previous version internet explorer. 1. Increase Connection Limits By default, the number of files can be download simultaneously in Internet Explorer 8 is limited to 6, but you can increase number internet connection  up to 10 at one times.  it's... [ Continue reading... ]


How to Backup and Restore Firefox Setting

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How to Backup and Restore Firefox SettingMost of Firefox user often alters the Firefox configuration, which is usually referred as Firefox hacking. With a view to improve Firefox speed and performance. Before altering the setting of Firefox, had better to back-up your Firefox setting, so if you do mistake of Firefox setting you can restore it from you backup. How to backup and restore firefox setting...?!! I will show you how to backup and restore the firefox setting. I know two... [ Continue reading... ]


FoxTab, Make Firefox Tab 3D

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FoxTab, Make Firefox Tab 3DBe fed up with ordinary appearance of Firefox, you wish appearance of tab yours Firefox cast in a different mold, install FoxTab add-on. FoxTab brings innovative and attractive 3D tab management to Firefox and work with firefox 3.0 till firefox 3.1b3 and supports for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X Leopard, and Linux (Ubuntu 8.03 & 8.04 , Mandriva 2008 & 2009) but not support for Ubuntu 8.10 (FoxTab 1.1.2). FoxTab provide 5... [ Continue reading... ]


Chromifox, Google Chrome themes for Firefox

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Chromifox, Google Chrome themes for Firefox For those in love with Google Chrome interface but still prefer to use Firefox, you may want to try Chromifox Extreme. It is a theme for Firefox with its design based on Google Chrome interface. With Chromifox Extreme can make Firefox look like real Google chrome.Chromifox Extreme is an Extreme coat of chrome for Firefox. Chromifox Extreme, a bright and soft blue theme for Firefox inspired by the appearance of the Chromium project. Default... [ Continue reading... ]


Pray Times Add-on for Firefox

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Pray Times Add-on for FirefoxThe Firefox add-ons for Moslem user only. When browsing is possible often forget to pray. To remind time prayed this add-on could probably assist. Pray times add-on automatic playing of Azan sound when have entered time prayed. For Moslem user don't forget to Pray. This add-on designed by “Hamid Zarrabi-Zadeh” There are two method to install this add-on, that is Offline install and online install Online install this add-on Open... [ Continue reading... ]


View stored Password in Firefox

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View stored Password in FirefoxIf you use Firefox to browsing and open a website and then entering a user-name and password on the website, Firefox will give three choices for you, “Remember”, “Never for this Site” and “Not Now”.  If choosing “remember”, your password and username will be stored in Firefox database. This facility very helpful if you often forget with your username and password and using your own computer. But if you use public computer such... [ Continue reading... ]

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