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Windows 7 Logon Background Changer – Customize Windows 7 Welcome Screen Wallpaper

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Windows 7 Logon Background Changer – Customize Windows 7 Welcome Screen WallpaperWindows 7 Logon Background Changer is a free and open source software that allow user to change the background logon screen in their windows 7. The windows logon background screen also known as "LogonUI" "welcome screen" or "login screen”). This software work with almost all windows version between Windows 7 Home Basic up to Enterprise version on both 32bit and 64 bit version but it does not work on windows 7 starter edition. This software... [ Continue reading... ]


T3Desk – Make Your Windows Desktop Three-Dimensional

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T3Desk – Make Your Windows Desktop Three-DimensionalDo you want a little extra eye-candy in your Windows Desktop? Install T3Desk on your Windows. T3Desk is an alt-tab alternative that gives you 3D windows arrangement and more. T3Desk lets you manage your applications more easily in a 3D desktop adding the third dimension to your Windows screen. With T3Desk you can configure your 3D window animation, transparency effect, the 3D initial angle and distance, the transition effects and more. T3Desk... [ Continue reading... ]


Windows 7 Docks by Google Desktop

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Windows 7 Docks by Google DesktopOn my previus article I've posted about Windows 7 Dock Bar for Windows XP or Vista. Other method to add windows 7 circle dock bar is using Google desktop. The benefit using Google desktop is this Google software can be installed in almost all windows version. Actually there are no circle dock bar in the windows 7 because the windows 7 dock is like the sidebar in windows vista. But the although the circle dock not found in windows 7 but this dock... [ Continue reading... ]


3RVX Beautiful on Screen Volume Controller

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3RVX Beautiful on Screen Volume Controller3RVX began as a project to emulate the volume display in Mac OS X, but now this software support for windows Operating System. 3RVX is a beautiful on screen volume control that allow you to control volume via hot key or via skin. This software compatible with Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP Supports both windows 32bit and 64bit version. If you use Windows XP this software require minimal Microsoft .NET Framework version 2 installed in your... [ Continue reading... ]


Easy Create Windows Visual Styles by Using StyleBuilder

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Easy Create Windows Visual Styles by Using StyleBuilderDo you want create your own Windows Visual Styles?. By using StyleBuilder software you can create Windows Visual Styles easily. StyleBuilder word under windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit version. Visual style usually can be found in folder “Windows\Resources\Themes”. With this software You can change some windows components such as taskbar, start panel, shell style, explorer bar, user panel, windows and toolbar, etc. But... [ Continue reading... ]


Windows 7 Tranformation Pack (7TP) from Windows X live

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Windows 7 Tranformation Pack (7TP) from Windows X liveMicrosoft has released Windows seven or Windows 7 and this windows version also knowing as windows vienna. If you use windows XP you can bring windows experience to your desktop. I have tried a lot of free windows 7 transformation pack for windows XP but nothing of them bring result like windows 7 desktop. But after tried and installed windows 7 tranformation pack (7TP) from Windows X live, I am like seeing Windows 7 experience in my Windows XP... [ Continue reading... ]


Lock Windows Application with AppLocker

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Lock Windows Application with AppLockerMaybe you often get the message like "instations “path of file” is locked. Please contact your administrator" when running an application in windows setting. This error message will appear when the application is locked by administrator. With AppLocker you can do lock an application in your windows system easily. Applocker is easy to use software to block an application being running in the windows system and it free. This software is... [ Continue reading... ]

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