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Is the League of Legends Generating $150M Per Month?

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Is the League of Legends Generating $150M Per Month?Gaming is a big industry that rakes in billions, even trillions of dollars every single year. Whether you’re looking at analog (board, card, and dice) gaming, or you check out the video gaming industry, this area of entertainment seems to be thriving. You can actually click here and learn a lot about how these sorts of things have been benefiting everyone who works in this industry. What Games Stand Out? That being said, there are a lot of... [ Continue reading... ]


Introducing the Best Unblocked Games

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Introducing the Best Unblocked GamesAmong the video games, unblocked games are quite popular because there are so many exciting levels and there are so many unblock games that you can play. An unblock game is very popular among the people and it is generally those games that gets unlocked after playing other games or it is one such game that you can play once you reach certain sets of requirements. There are many popular unblocked games that you can play online and these are very... [ Continue reading... ]


All About the Finest Scary Flash Games

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All About the Finest Scary Flash GamesScary games are very much popular among the people all round the globe and there are many video game companies that are developing such games. If you are looking for the best scary flash games in the business then here are the top 5 scary flash games for you. In this content we are concentrating on Scary games. AS the name suggest, scary games are those games that have a scare element in it. There are ghosts and haunted places that you need to... [ Continue reading... ]


How Much Should We Care About Gaming Graphics?

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How Much Should We Care About Gaming Graphics?Game developers are constantly pushing boundaries to create better-looking games. In the last several years, we’ve played titles that rival Hollywood’s best output not only in terms of originality, but graphics as well. The Last of Us: Remastered and Grand Theft Auto V, which was the most expensive game of all time, are two recent releases that jump to mind. But with new technologies continually being released or hinted at, many insiders... [ Continue reading... ]


New Game Apps Taking Market By Storm

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New Game Apps Taking Market By StormWe may have all been seeing the new commercials for "Game of War" and various other apps that are being displayed on US television (and I assume world wide).  This is a large shift in the market space, these apps even garnered a Super Bowl commercial this past February.  Having makers of these handheld apps being able to dictate such significant advertising spend and placement is indicative of two things: 1) Mobile and Computer Game... [ Continue reading... ]


Online Gaming Technology In Action

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Online Gaming Technology In ActionWhen New Jersey began rolling out online casino games in November 2013, one of the major challenges faced by the budding industry was pinpointing the precise location of players. This is especially true in a densely populated state like New Jersey which has high concentrations of people bordering other states. The technology required to triangulate a player’s precise location is especially important when the border areas of New Jersey are... [ Continue reading... ]


Miramagia: A Great Game to Kill Your Time

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Miramagia: A Great Game to Kill Your TimeAre you looking for a game to kill your time? Well, playing a game can become a perfect solution to kill your time. You will not only be able to kill time but also be able get rid of your stress. Your excitement while playing a game is a great stress relief. In this case, what you need to do is to find a good game. These days, finding a game is not a difficult thing to do. Whether you want to find an online or offline game, you can find it... [ Continue reading... ]

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