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How to Reset HP 970 Cartridge

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How to Reset HP 970 CartridgeReset HP 970 Printers Cartridge 1. You simply ignore what the printer tells you. It will still work, but the out of ink message can be annoying. 2. Get yourself TWO other cartridges. Since the printer can only identify two cartridges at a time, it will have forgotten the first one by the time you move onto the third. Each time you insert the third cartridge, it will be treated as if it were never in the printer (i.e. the printer won't... [ Continue reading... ]


Cleaning the Fuser Printer Hp Laserjet 2400

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Cleaning the Fuser Printer Hp Laserjet 2400Here is how to clean Fuser Hp Laserjet 2400 Printers. Run the printer cleaning page to keep the fuser free of toner and paper particles that can sometimes accumulate. Accumulation of toner and particles can cause specks to appear on the front or back side of your print jobs. To ensure optimum print quality, HP recommends that you use the cleaning page every time that you replace the print cartridge or on an automatic interval that you can... [ Continue reading... ]


Maintenance HP Deskjet F300 Series All-in-One

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Maintenance HP Deskjet F300 Series All-in-OneThis helpful guide is meant to provide some cleaning and maintenance tips for the HP Deskjet F300 series, including: HP Deskjet F310, F325, F335, and F340 HP Deskjet F350, F370, F378, F380, F385, F388, F390, and F394 Please read carefully and let me know if you have any questions. Introduction Make sure to clean the glass and lid backing to remove any dust.  This insures that copies and scans remain clean and clear. Cleaning... [ Continue reading... ]


Manual Reset for HP 9000 Printer

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Manual Reset for HP 9000 PrinterManual reset method for HP 9000  Printer Here are the steps for a manual reset of the HP 9000: Turn off  the printer Press and hold the CHECK key (referred to as the "SELECT" key but it looks like a big check mark). Power on the printer Release the CHECK/SELECT key after all three lights come on.  The display should read SELECT LANGUAGE. Press the up arrow until MAINTENANCE KIT is displayed, then press the CHECK key again and... [ Continue reading... ]

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