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How to Uninstall Deep Freeze 6.0 Without Password

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How to Uninstall Deep Freeze 6.0 Without PasswordYou have installed DeepFreeze version 6 and forgot your Deep-Freeze password and you do not know how to remove or uninstall the Deep-Freeze on your computer without a password, I hope this tutorial useful for you. Unlike DeepFreeze older that version 6.0, on the Deep-freeze 6.xx there no smart software to disable or uninstall this Deep Freeze version  without password. On the previous version of Deep Freeze you can hacked the software using... [ Continue reading... ]


Collections miRC Tips and Tricks

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Collections miRC Tips and TricksAll miRC Tips and Tricks mentioned here is collected from various source. Here tips and tricks collections for miRC. 1. Altering Colour At mIRC we can alter text colour we to present. By Press Ctrl+K will appear “Color Index box”. You can choose provided colour from 0 up to 15. 2. Flood Protection When you chatting, will often seen text time after time so that your chatting screen chatting annoyed. To prevent this matter type... [ Continue reading... ]


Protecting Document using Password

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Protecting Document using Password

To protection Ooo document, follow this step here :

  1. Open Document
  2. Choose File – Save As
  3. On the dialogue box, type filename
  4. Check Save With Password, click ok
  5. Enter your password minimal 5 character and retype again to confirm your password. Then click Ok
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