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Simple Data Recovery Tips for Better Hard Drive Disaster Management

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Simple Data Recovery Tips for Better Hard Drive Disaster ManagementYou need to conduct data recovery in order to prevent permanent loss of data. If your hard drive is making grinding, clicking or whirring sounds, you should immediately shut down the drive or your entire computer. The sounds might be made by the write/read heads scraping and hitting the hard disk platters and if it remains unchecked, it could lead to complete and severe loss of data. In case the data on your drive happens to be important, you... [ Continue reading... ]


History of the Internet Timeline

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History of the Internet TimelineThe history of the internet timeline was said to be initiated in 1989 by British Computer Scientist Timothy Berners-Lee. While working for CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research, he took the hypertext idea and merged it with TCP, transmission control prototype, and the internet was born using the name Enquire. Most recognize this as the founding of the internet. However, earlier in 1982, TCP/IP protocols were first developed as... [ Continue reading... ]


8 Ways to Print from Your Mobile

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8 Ways to Print from Your MobileHave you ever been away from your computer on your phone or tablet and needed to print a photo, email or document? Perhaps you had to go to your desktop computer or laptop, boot it up, transfer the file over and print it from there? The good news is that this time consuming procedure is no longer necessary – it is now possible to print directly from your mobile device. Mobile devices were not originally designed with printing in mind, but... [ Continue reading... ]


Industry Experts Discuss the Benefits of Cloud to Businesses

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Industry Experts Discuss the Benefits of Cloud to BusinessesAn increasing number of businesses are switching to cloud computing with the market set to be worth approximately $100 billion in the next calendar year. There are many reasons behind the surge in popularity but perhaps the two biggest factors are the low associated costs and the flexible nature of availability. The Cloud has been designed to make sharing information much easier and makes the use of hard drives and associated applications... [ Continue reading... ]


7 Savvy Smart Home Technology Gadgets that Conveniently Slash Bills

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7 Savvy Smart Home Technology Gadgets that Conveniently Slash BillsIf you have a computer, a tablet or smart phone , you can utilize smart home technology to control security, lighting and temperature of your home, or even expand your entertainment possibilities. Still not widely embraced, these particular services and products can make your life more comfortable, safe and efficient, not to mention, smart home technology can often save you money. Common Convenience The most common items utilized today are... [ Continue reading... ]


The Top Search Engines of the Year

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The Top Search Engines of the YearLike using a flashlight in the dark to uncover the daily items we need from the basement, the search engine functions the same way. The internet is a mighty sphere with practically everything from anywhere at any time, stored within it. Without the presence of a search engine it is close to impossible to look for the piece of information that you need. The search engines over time have developed and today you have the option of choosing from... [ Continue reading... ]


Clean Up Your Mac with MacKeeper

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Clean Up Your Mac with MacKeeperMackeeper is a useful for regular system maintenance of your mac.  Cool features like: Undelete - effectively a data recovery tool which can find data that has been deleted but not yet erased from the hard drive. Shredder - this effectively erases any trace of a file from the hard drive (i.e. it cannot be found by the Undelete functionality or other data recovery tools). Edit Login Items - handy tools for Mac users Anti-virus -... [ Continue reading... ]

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