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Causes and Tips to Boost Computer Speed Performance


Whether it is your personal computer or Laptop that you use to work with on a daily basis, as soon as it starts to slow down, you know that something is wrong. What are the causes and how are the best recovered? The answer to this will be explained in the following passages. The causes of a slow PC or Laptop range as the following:

Registry Overload

Any software that you upload to your system will be stored in a particular location. The more you store, the more space it takes up and the more registry systems that operate on your computer. Over time and months, this will cause your PC or Laptop to slow down. Like running with a ten ton weight on your back, this may eventually bring your PC to a halt if not fixed.

Causes and Tips to Boost Computer Speed Performance

A Full Hard Disc

Often, you store your music files and pictures into your system without realizing how much you have stored over the years. One way to check is to see how much space is left after every file storing. Save your files in a separate hardware to save space.

Multiple Anti-virus software and Spyware

Some computers carry over three anti-virus software and additional security systems to ensure optimal security and prevent identity theft. The truth is your system only needs half of the programs that you are running and work perfectly fine without additional applications. Delete programs that are less comprehensive than the other and perhaps then you will see your PC working faster.

Now that you have identified possible causes of a slow PC or Laptop you can move on to recovering it and making it work faster.


People often look for computers with low specifications thinking they won’t need to use much of its features except for typing assignments and work. However, in time they realize that they are using so much more of the computer than it can provide. Roughly forecast your needs in the next three or four years and picture what activities you may be involved in. This will help you find the right Laptop or PC that will last longer and support your needs for the long run.

Registry Clean-up

Especially if you have identified that your registry seems to be the problem of your slow-working computer, apply for a registry cleaner. It works to free your system from unneeded programs, relieving the system from unnecessary running software. This keeps your system light and optimally functioning. You can use the cleaner software computer systems like CCleaner.


As soon as you hit the start button on your PC or Laptop, at the same time, several programs start to run as well. This is one of the reasons that make your system work slow. This can be recovered by changing the setting for these programs. Stop from starting up when you start the Laptop, instead set them to start up when they are opened. Especially if the program is not used on a daily basis, it is best to keep their settings this way.

Dust and Debris

As particles of dust are only seen when they are thick, you can imagine how much dust is stored in the most untouched corners of your PC and Laptop. Devices that help clean your computers are easy to find luckily. They come in all sorts of forms, from brushes to cleaning liquids to keep your screens from picking up dust. Apply and clean every now and then. This will help relieve your system from dust.

Taking care of your computer is imminent if you wish for it to support your work in the long run. If you are not sure, having them examined by an expert is always a worthy investment.

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