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Chrome is Now 30 Percent Faster than Before


One of the advantages is the speed of the browser. Yes, of course with more speed, a faster browser will also process your data on the internet and displays it on the client side. And since his birth, Chrome has already attracted many people to be able to use it. Because the browser that Google hosts fast enough compared to other browsers, even Firefox though. It could be because Chrome does not bundle himself with a lot of plugins, in contrast with Firefox which has been far more sophisticated.

Google itself has been announced to the media that has been updating Chrome V8 Javascript engine which has been combined with the latest version of the Webkit browser engine, the result? Combination of the two makes the Chrome is much faster 30 percent than previously. And the update process will automatically occur on the side of the users, so you do not need to look for updates.

Chrome is Now 30 Percent Faster than Before

Javascript itself currently is indeed being used especially for vigorous competition in terms of browsers on a variety of vendors to be able to put forward the performance, speed and stability needs to be improved so that the browser can still execute scripts with current technology.

In addition to those mentioned above, Chrome also has added some new features in it, which is a feature to remove the history website or named with NSFW. It’s certainly not going to make You scared again when Your surfing logs plastered when opening the browser. Like other web browsers, Chrome has now also been able to complete their features with the form autofill.

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