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Control Computers Remotely with Remote Administrator Control Software


Remote Administrator Control (RAC) is a remote application that can be used to monitor and control the other computer remotely. RAC allows you to access and control a computer full of users, servers, and other network devices. With it, you can work without any limits on a remote computer using the Windows operating system as if you were working on your local computer.

There are 16 functions in Remote Administrator Control, such as the exchange of files between computers over a TCP/IP network, lock monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the computer user. The application is divided into two, namely for PC client and server. You can also use it as an application that is capable of handling the problems of PC client from far away so there is no need to bother to come to the location where the PC is in trouble.

Remote Administrator Control Software - Client

Remote Administrator Control – Client

Remote Administrator Control Software - Server

Remote Administrator Control – Server

In order to be able to access and control a client computer, you must have a user account in the domain or computer to be controlled. This application will appear in hidden mode, meaning all server events will not be visible on a computer that is controlled.

This application have two modes of installation is different, as the server and the client. For the server, the application is paid and of course, to function in full, you must buy it. As for the client, can be used for free without limitation features. The price for server is $27.64, but you can use 30 day  trial periode, download this application here

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