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Cost Effective Internet Providers of 2014


Being connected to the internet brings you an overwhelming deal of benefit. Not only are you always sup to date with the latest news posted online, you get to go online and do whatever you wish, any time of the day. However, as a smart shopper you need to make sure that what you are paying for is worth every penny. There are plenty of Internet Providers out there, yet only five have made it to the Top 5 list of most cost effective Internet Providers.

Cost Effective Internet Providers of 2014


Not everyone likes to have their data limited to a certain amount when subscribing to the internet every month. With Mediacom you are provided with unlimited internet data every month, but with the trade-off of a limited data speed. The speed cap for data is 105 Mbps. If cable internet is not a problem for you, look into their Launch Plan as this is most competitive in comparison to other listed internet providers on the list.

Net Zero DSL

DSL services may not be in trend anymore. However due to this, certain services are offering you great rates for their digital subscriber line using phone lines to connect. Net Zero DSL is one of them. Later on we will look into their non DSL offer of internet service. With unlimited data you can get started with a great welcome-rate. Commit for two years and you will be paying the lowest DSL service from all around.


Looking into a brochure with many plans to fit your needs is always exciting. This is also the reason why T-Mobile sits nicely on this list. Their plans range in prices but without compromising the speed that they are well-known for. To suit all needs, you get to select the data limit per month or week. This way you don’t hurt your budget and still enjoy fast internet, on the go! Though a set-up fee will be required it is not impossible to have this waived if you speak to their representatives.

Net Zero 4G

Similar to T-Mobile, Net Zero 4G offers various plans that are designed specifically to meet your best interests. However, they are only slightly expensive but with a top-notch download speed. When you need to access certain data fast you can count on them for the best downloading speed from all around. Their free plan for instance provides you a 10 Mbps speed with 200 MB per month. This is the simplest plan available. However you can also look into their platinum package that allows you to enjoy 8 GB per month with optimal speed.

Freedom Pop

Sitting on top of the list is the Freedom Pop for their ultimate speed and data limit balance. Their data plan is nothing less than royal whereas the speed they guarantee their users are one of a kind. This makes every penny that you spend on internet service, worth every penny. They have a free package offer with a bonus of 1 GB every month. This is great if you use the internet occasionally. But for frequent users out there, they have plenty to look into.

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