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How to Create Cover Page Design Instantly Using Microsoft Word 2007


One of the new features in Microsoft word 2007 that is allow user to create cover page design instantly. With this new features you can create cover page easily just fill in the title, author, date and other information.

By default there are 15 cover page design template in Microsoft office 2007 gallery, if you need more cover design design for Microsoft word 2007 you can download from Microsoft website. This features very helpful for user which need to create cover design.

Here some cover design template in Microsoft word 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 Cover Page Design

Follow this steps to create cover page design instantly using Microsoft Word 2007

  1. Create a new word document
  2. Click “Insert Tab” then choose click “cover page” in the top left
  3. Select one of the cover design from the template list (available 15 cover template design)
  4. Add Title, subtitle, date and other information to cover design, Save. Done

I often using this new Microsoft Word features to create cover design :D

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