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Defraggler: Free Software for Defragment Hard Disk


The constant usage on our computers over time that computers may experience fragmentation on files and folders in the hard disk of our computer, with the presence of fragmentation on the hard disk will cause slow computer process when we open a file on the computer or run a certain program.

For example, if you open a file, and the files are scattered in parts of the hard disk then what happens is the process will require a longer time to collect the parts of the file, different  with the file is from the parts already accumulated, so one time the process to open the file is relatively faster.

Defraggler - Free Software for Defragment Hardisk

So we can draw the conclusion that the notion of defragmentation is the process of reordering files on a separate hard disk to collected back so that speed up the files are opened.

Whereas if you want to do a defragmentation on a computer, if you windows users you can run defrag file through the defragmenter already include in windows, how to open the start menu – accessories – system tools and open disk defragmenter. However also recommend a software application that is very good and worth a try, Defraggler Disk Defragmentation.

Defraggler Disk Defragmentation is an application that allows to run the defragmentation process on your computer that are more customimize, an excess of Defraggler is that you can specify the specific files, folders or hard disk as a whole that want to defrag, when Defraggler is reading or writing files, it uses the exact same technique with Windows. Using Defraggler is also very safe as in windows. And of course there are many more advantages that  owned of Defraggler application.

Are you interested with Defraggler? Please download this application here

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  1. Abrar Mohi Shafee says:

    Defragment is truly needed for a computer to make it fast. I regularly do Hard Disk defragment. Thanks for sharing a free software like this one. It works fine on my computer.


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