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Difference in Laptop, Notebook and Netbook


Along with the development of the developed countries, as did the development of the technology of today. You can see from the start of any PC computer which takes up little room up to now existence of Laptop. Believe it or not, the development of technology is currently more basic on the size and quality. The longer the size of the gadget or hardware is getting smaller and increasingly sophisticated.

Efficiency, that’s your goal in selecting an item. The smaller the size of the item, it will be more easy to carry anywhere. It’s what makes producers more and innovate to create work of the small and efficient. Is not different with the Laptop manufacturers who innovate and create works that are smaller and efficient commonly called Notebook or Netbook.

Difference in Laptop, Notebook and Netbook

For some people the difference the term of Laptop, Notebook, and Netbook probably isn’t a great thing. But don’t get wrong, there are still plenty of people who still confused distinguish what’s a Laptop, Notebook, and Netbook. Well, through this article the will discuss about the difference of that term, which actually just refer to the Laptop.

Yes, the term own a Laptop or Notebook is indeed often used interchangeably to refer to any Mobile Computer. Often the term is used, up to the confusion between the three terms that became prevalent among us at this time. Well, let me not mistaken again, Let’s refer to the explanation of the third term the technology difference.

  1. The Laptop itself is a general term for Notebook and Netbook. So a Laptop that could be interpreted as a Notebook and Netbook. The origin of she said remains the same i.e. refers to the computer that is used on the lap.
  2. In terms of size, the Netbook usually has a size that is smaller than a Notebook. Netbook typically have sizes 7-12 inches, although currently there is a Netbook size reaches 14 inches, but usually no longer deserved to be called a Netbook. Well, while the Notebook itself is larger, typically ranging from 12 inches to the top.
  3. In terms of performance, the Netbook is usually designed to perform a lightweight performance such as process data Word, spreadsheet (Excel), slides (Powerpoint), Internet, play games, and so on. While the Notebook, is able to offer better performance, for example has a fast data processing speed as well as having a reliable multimedia capabilities. If you are hobby to edit pictures/videos, play 3D games, Notebook are more suitable than a Netbook.
  4. In terms of price, Netbook are generally priced at a relatively cheap, about $200 and Notebook is in the range of $400 to the specifications above standard.
  5. While if seen from the users, the Notebook is more suitable is used by people who works “maximal”, such as for the process of editing, or other creative design. While the Netbook is better suited to people with activity more mild like data processing, browse the internet, and watch the video.
  6. The advantages of Notebook have a place to play CD or DVD, compatible with a wide range of hardware. The lack of a laptop is its weight ranging between 3-4Kg, and durability of the battery are readily depleted.
  7. The Netbook have other advantages, namely the durability of batteries are more durable and lightweight. Lack of netebook is located on the limitations of the features in it. In addition, the Netbook does not have a place to play CD or DVD so it must need an additional device called external DVD.

Perhaps for those of you still confused choosing between Notebook and Netbook. There are many facets that you should consider in advance. The selection of Notebook and Netbook depends on your needs everyday. If you need to work on a job which requires a complete tool, then select the Notebook. But if you just need it for the purposes of mobile and trend could try a Netbook.

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