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Download Link resetter Epson T11, T30, T33, T50 and T60


For every one who require resetter Epson T11, Epson T30, Epson T33, Epson T50 and Epson T60, now resetter  for  these epson printers available for download here. All of the software not original software beause the software has cracked by OrTHoTaMiNe. All software resetter functions only to reset waste ink counter.

The Resetter Epson T11, this software work also for epson T10. Resetter Epson T30, there two version software resetter, One of the software work on Epson T33. There are three version of resetter epson T50 and Resetter Epson T60 only available one version.

Here download link for all software resetter Epson T series mentioned above:

  • download Resetter Epson T11 (work also with Epson T10)
  • download Resetter Epson T30
  • download Resetter Epson T33 (work also with Epson T30)
  • download Resetter Epson T50-EEE
  • download Resetter Epson T50-EHK
  • download Resetter Epson T50-ETT
  • download Resetter Epson T60


  1. New version of Resetter Epson T50: download

Sorry for all readers, all download has been removed from this page

Posted by Fz 90 Responses

90 Responses to “Download Link resetter Epson T11, T30, T33, T50 and T60”

  1. Neos says:

    i tried the t60 adjustment program..there is an error on waste inkpad counter…i tried all the destination but still got an says”communication error..error code 21000068″..nozzle check and status are working..

  2. OrTHoTaMiNe says:

    Please try this:
    Includes only the cracked adjprog.exe. Exchange it with the older adjprog.exe. I cracked only the waste ink pad counter reset function. Other functions are not working. I thought maybe I missed something when cracking it and prepared this. Please try this and then inform me if it is working or not.

  3. AntrhaX3Gs says:

    hi Friends i still you are good a questions you have the adjustmente program epson for the new line of rinter the tx 115, tx300f tx600f tx700 and the newest model of epson for Latin america thankz a lot for you site

  4. abdul says:

    hi all adjustment for t50 and t60 are working but i want adjustment for epson RX610 please

  5. siswanto Maitri Kalama says:

    Thanks very much for resetter T30, it is very useful for my printer. Blinking attack

  6. jbgallero says:

    muchas gracias por el software y les digo que me funciono muy disculpen en la TX105 and I sorry for write in spanish but my english is not good thank you.

  7. Liquidman says:

    In a Epson T50 I have a error code 21000068 and not works.

  8. Everton says:

    I´ve tried in a Epson Stylus Photo T50 and I get the same “error code 21000068? regarding comunication. Does anybody now how to solve this issue?

  9. Sebastian says:

    What is missing here is the correct date to set on the machine to run the program, i get error 2100000068 on all 3 versions of the program, anybody knows the date ?

  10. sol says:

    t30 , t33 not working please fixed

  11. Adrian says:

    It works for epson T33

  12. abel says:

    gud day!OrTHoTaMiNe the cracked adjprog.exe that u gave still doesn’t work..i have already replace the older adjprog.exe…please kindly help me..thanks!

  13. kizzer says:

    thank you for the the resetter of epson t10 it works

  14. Gabriel1180 says:

    I tried the t50 adjustment program..there is an error on waste inkpad counter…it says”communication error..error code 21000068?.

    Could you please, help me with this problem?

    Thank you

  15. Cris says:

    A million thanks to you this reseters is a great help for my printers.

  16. r2spl says:

    I also tried on t50. But failed : ”communication error..error code 21000068″
    Has anyone solved this problem?
    whether working programs for t50?

  17. Treestar says:

    OrTHoTaMiNe.(Sorry for my english 🙁 ) T50-EEE doesn’t work. I have a “Communication error. Error code 21000068”. Please, fix it.

  18. vinicius says:

    Cavalo de troia o Reset para T33

  19. johanie says:

    Thanks bro its helps me a lot your just a good guy…Hope you will continuing sharing your knowledge…thanks a lot…

  20. Muhammmad Naeem says:

    I have a epson Printer T50, The printer have a error ( SERVICE REQUIRD ) some body help me,
    I am very thankful to all

  21. omel says:

    hello! anyone here has their working EPSON T60 resetter / adjustment program?

    i badly need this program… please help!

  22. sadeqjuia says:

    hi dear sir
    i have an epson T50 and t60 they needs the ressetter program I have downloaded the program, unfortunatly it did not give result
    now they have message of (commonication error 2000010 )
    please help
    thanks all

  23. aghil says:

    hi all
    have an epson T50 needs the ressetter program I have downloaded the program, unfortunatly it did not give result
    now they have message of (commonication error 21,000,068)
    please help
    thanks all
    February 18, 2010

  24. Jeremiah says:


    i tried download the T60 adjustment programme..same msg as the above mention.21000068. I am willing to pay as my kids need to use it for study.please help me if can, pls email to me at my email address


  25. slickyoz says:

    i’ve tried all the three T50 resetters and get the error 21000068.what can i do??
    i wonder whether its the incorrect date set.
    how did you use your’s Abdul??
    orthortamine please help me.

  26. petosim says:

    Please if any one have ressetter for Epson T50 please send me i dowloaded resseter of OrTHoTaMiNe but it doen’st work for Epson T50 it gives communication error (21000068…..) please if any one have a new thing share with me, send me e-mail, i will be eagerly waiting for you all
    Many many thanks in advance

  27. Fz says:

    @petosim, why not using this method to reset your printer. Please open at this link:

  28. epsonservice says:

    good news for all epson user. who like want reset his t50/60 and other t/tx and all new series printer. i start. ‘”” ONLINE EPSON RESET SERVICE”” NOW I CAN RESET (WASTE INK PAD COUNTER) OF ANY EPSON MODEL- SPECIALLY T50/60– SO WANT THIS SERVICE. WHO CAN CONTACT ME ON Skype.. my ID is- epsonindia and plz download this programe before reset– — folow all instruction as give on this link file— ”’happy epson user””

  29. canon user says:

    the epson t60 is disposable…… you cant use this for business.. try to use canon instead using t60.. epson company dont want to build reseter for this epson model.. so i suggest to all in the world,, dont buy epson T60…. GOD BLESS TO ALL.. AND GOODLUCK

  30. fernando says:

    excellent post. you will have the t21. thanks for your help

  31. manny says:

    all the procedure to reset a t60 don’t work for me. even replacing the old ajdprogram. pls help me.

  32. kudangala mr says:

    I need adjustment program for rx595 how do I get it

  33. TALENT says:

    please i have epson R 290 and shows service required, parts inside your printer has reached its life time what can i do?

  34. sensui23 says:

    @ talent plz contact me, i can solve your prob on your R290 printer.

  35. PETER says:

    a pleasant day, i you tried the resetter for epson t60? how?
    please send me a working restter for epson t60? i tried it, but it wont work. email add: thanks PETER.

  36. Fz says:

    @Peter, for latest version of adjustment program for epson printer you can download here:

  37. nexi says:

    great effort. i reset my t30 printer. thank you so much….

  38. CMS says:

    Thanks a lot OrTHoTaMiNe T10 successful reset

  39. mel says:

    Talent your printer needs to be resetted in -order for its system counter to go back to Zero…

  40. Ron says:

    Hi Ortho still i got error code 21000068 on my T60 and byu hte way thank you so much for the effort hope you can resolve all our reset problem

  41. Big bang says:

    thanks for all
    but i have T50 and with all way you mention above still have error
    communication error
    error code 21000068
    Plz help me

  42. Em2x says:

    I can fix your problem with T60/T50. just contact me on

    skype: emmanuel.balico

    i can fix your problem where ever you are. im online everyday.
    and if your in kidapawan just text me 09182285707.


  43. supri says:

    Bos link passengers. For friend’s apartment looking for his place here resetter T11. Download much as you like on the road 100% guarantee.
    copy & paste this link:

  44. thana96 says:

    Thank you very much. I can reset T11 successfully.

  45. Jaybe says:

    Tnxs so much for your kind heart that you post this link to everyone for free….I’d resetted my T10 successfully.

  46. rehan says:

    t60 reset is not working ….

  47. greg says:

    pls help me to resetter my t60

  48. Mitch says:

    i’m getting error code 21000068 on my T60 whenever i try to reset my T60. any solution? thanks!

  49. Robert's says:

    I need reset my epson t1110 urgent!!!…please help me!!! thanks…

  50. art says:

    thank…. you….. ortho now i reset may t60 successfully….. @ New version of Resetter Epson T50 thanks…….thanks…. thanks……

  51. Rommel says:

    Thank Ortho your T50 resetter works on my T60…. Thank you so much I save a lot on my service fee

  52. koki says:

    dear sir i am geting still ink error in epson t50 i know how to rest wate ink pad but i am geting this error from mother bord or maybe in eprom can u tell me how to restore date of eprom in epson printer t50
    kindly send me email if u get any soltion of this i will be very thank full to you


  53. punkistar says:

    i’m getting error code 21000068 on my T60 whenever i try to reset my T60. any solution? thanks!

    paano po kaya ma rereset ito? maraming salamat

  54. totsperskie says:

    kindly help us in how to reset the T60 model,
    we already download your resetter but it still not work..
    thank you so much,

  55. abir says:

    thanks for all
    but i have T60 and with all way you mention above still have error
    communication error
    error code 21000068
    Plz help me

  56. nivadalinux says:

    same problem here with my T60, i already downloaded the file then when i run the program an error message appear in dialog box, any suggestion here please? thank you guys in advance.

  57. saifi says:

    i’m getting error code 21000068 on my T60 whenever i try to reset my T60. any solution? thanks

  58. JMS says:

    thanks my dear ortho. t50 work on t60. GREAT SO GREAT

  59. Sam says:

    Hi, I Downloaded Resetter for Epson Stylus Photo T60. I can open the utility software. It asks me Output Destination. The choices are 1) EAL/ESP, 2) EHK and 3) ETT. Which one should I select? Then it asks for Port which I selected Auto. Even though when asked for status it shows a window which says that there is “Waste Ink Pad Over Flow Error” (means the computer/software is able to communicate with printer) when I try presss check or reset it says Communication Error Error code 21000068. I tried all the 3 options of Output Destination and Automatic as well as Epson T60 USB Port, the message is same. Why. Please help to solve the problem.

  60. Fz says:

    @Sam, EAL, EHK, ETT, etc is determine to printer location. you can view the printer manual to select the right setting. There are some error on resetter T60, you can using resetter for epson T50 to reset epson T60 because some reported this version resetter work well on T60

  61. Sam says:

    Thanks Fz. I also read about the T50 program working fine with T60. And I was successful with “T50 Working” available at
    Henceforth I advise you all touse the above mentioned file to reset the T60 instead of standard T60 Resetter Program.

  62. suhardi says:

    thanks for your program

  63. rodrigo senra says:

    im having problem communication error: 20000010 can u help me?

  64. Alfred says:

    Thank you so much ortho. na reset ko na ang t60 ko using t50 reseter. Merry Christmas to you and to all of you.

  65. adnan says:

    im having problem communication error: 21000068 can u help me?

  66. coy says:

    using new version of t50 resster,it wrks w/ t60… thanks

  67. Harry says:

    try this resseter for T60, 100% work for my printer…

  68. JHOMS says:


    thanks man. i just reset my t60 using the “T50 the working one” Nice work!

  69. Zeeshan says:

    im having problem communication error: 21000068 can u help me?

  70. sagulite says:

    thanks for the t30 resetter. kindly post a resetter for epson workforce 600. i need it badly. thank you.

  71. Piotr says:

    Thanks for the T50 resetter. It nice works wyth my printer P50 + CISS !!!

  72. salve says:

    thank u so much for the link. it works…

  73. dinesh says:

    dear sir
    plz help for waste ink counter for epson tx 720wd

    awaiting for your reply

    how to resolve “” general error”” in Epson business-jet printer?

    plz help

  74. denmac says:

    how can i reset my t60 using the t50 working one.rar? kindly give me instructions. thanks.

  75. aim says:

    wasted ink and pad counter
    check andselect all and innitalization

  76. LG says:

    how can i bring photo printing quality of my t60 after it’s successfully reset? the printing quality of my t60 after resetting is very poor though after many attempts for head cleaning were done. noozle check pattern is good yet very photoprinting quality. plz. help….

  77. LG says:

    is there any seminar-workshop you can offer for repairing epson printers (t60 and r230)?

  78. Ed Paro says:

    Thanks for your program, very good.

  79. ABEL says:

    for long time looking for the reseter thanks so much

  80. jetlivefree says:

    To solve any problem with this printer I recommend downloading the original CD that came when purchasing the printer I recommend to download it free from here

  81. Harry Grower says:

    Do you have a waste resetter for an Epson SX110?

    Many thanks

  82. Riyatno says:

    Thank’s a lot, i think many people like for your file share… God bless you..

  83. ProfeMeyo says:

    Gracias por su aporte……very good

  84. ROMAN AGUILETA says:

    i friend, tankyou so much, i have a t30 epson, tanks for your software

  85. michael says:

    Thank you for much for your T30 resetter. It’s fantastic

  86. mojtaba says:

    hi . i have a p50 epson , tanks for your web site

  87. Vannak says:

    hi sir
    Thank you so much for T60 resetter.
    thanks for your website

  88. awe husse says:

    try to use t60 resetter, but recieve error code 20000010

  89. Amy says:

    For Epson P50, use the ‘Update 1. New version of Resetter Epson T50.’

    Works even through an XP virtual machine on a Mac!

    Ink pads reset, thankyou so much!!!

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