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EarnItUp WordPress Plugin Increase Adsense Earnings by 30%


Do you want get more earning from Adsense?  Install EarnItUp in your wordpress blog. EarnItUp is a free unique wordpress plugin that will increase Google Adsense earnings between 20% and 40% but in my cases only 10%. I don’t know how to EarnItUp work but you can rest assured that EarnItUp makes no modifications to your website or Adsense ads as this is strictly forbidden by Adsense TOS. But now EarnItUp plugin available only for WordPress blog platform (with selft hosting). For other blog platform may be available on the next version of EarnItUp plugin.


How to Install EarnItUp in your WordPress Blog? It easy, there are only 3 steps on getting more Adsense money.

  1. Download the EarnItUp Plugin. You can download the plugin from the link below
  2. Upload EarnItUp.php to your wp-content/plugins folder and activate the plugin
  3. Setting the plugin by Go to Settings-> EarnItUp Registration and register the plugin. Because EarnItUp it is a free product but requires registration in order to be used. Once registered, you will start earning 30% more Adsense earning.

Get more info and download EarnItUp open the EarnItUp website here:

Posted by Fz 7 Responses

7 Responses to “EarnItUp WordPress Plugin Increase Adsense Earnings by 30%”

  1. Bilal Ahmad says:

    But how we can earn %30 more from this plugin. What is the logic.

  2. Muhammad Riza Hariadi says:

    Yeah. whats the logic?

  3. it seems that my Adsense earnings this month have plumetted. i don’t know why “

  4. Joshua Taylor says:

    Adsense is a great dollar earner if you don’t have a stable job.”;

  5. Decking Kits · says:

    adsense is the best ppc paying program out there, there are many alternatives but most of them does not pay as much as adsense :

  6. Make Money Google says:

    I like money 🙂

    If this increases my Adsense earnings by 30% that would be GREAT! I’ll surely check it out. Thanks!

    – Matt

  7. Tyrosine says:

    i earn from Adsense and this is a good program compared to Chitika and Bidvertiser…                    


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