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Effective Way to Use Search Engine


Using search engine is common way gone through by all netters to search informations in internet. But that way, not rarely usage of search engine give much cry and little wool, because user make do query by less precise. These following tips expected can lead you use search engine effectively to find information which you require:

1. Use correct Search Engine

Some of search engine in this time, more presenting advertisement than searching result truthfully. Beside that, there are also many organizers of search engine is kolaps, then shall no longger update the database. At this time, Yahoo and Google is most trustworthy choice.

2. Don’t use too keyword of public

Conceiving, how many searching results which you get if you only using keyword “telescope” in search engine. Will differ result if you use keyword type of telescope or selected merk.

3. Use brief and clear keyword

Many people use long keyword so that confuse result of searching. Writing down keyword ” Short Biography of astronomer Edwin Hubble” will yield many page is not at all relate to what was searched to be compared to more simple keyword, for example “Hubble biography”. Also pay attention spelling of keyword which you use. Mistake of spelling in the keyword can bring you to get result far from expectation.

4. Use operator Boolean

Keyword ” AND”, ” OR”, ” NOTE”, with the combination of will very assist to find more specific site. Keyword “Hubble AND biography NOT telescope” will bring you to page studying concerning biography of Edwin Hubble and avoid entry of page concerning telescope at your searching result.

5. Use quotation mark to one intact frase.

Some search engine require usage of quotation mark to show one sentence frase. For example, usage keyword Hubble Space Telescope by ” Hubble Space Telescope” will give different result. Keyword flanked by quotation mark usually will give more accurate result. Usage of quotation mark also can be combined with boolean operator to get more specific result, for example ” Hubble Space Telescope” AND Launch.

6. Exploiting Directory.

Some search engine provide directory facility to bring you to selected topic have been classified in such a manner to facilitate searching process. Search engine using directory for example is Yahoo, Google, Lycos and Altavista. For example , to search information related to Indonesia, suggested to use local directory of Indonesia.

7. Exploiting special feature of your search engine

Some search engine not even provide facility for searching of article, but also multimedia file like picture, MP3 and video. Meanwhile, search engine like Metacrawler deliver comand of searching to some search engine at the same time and present result in one page. You can to study special feature at your favorite search engine to exploit its use maximally.

8. Use “Find” function in your browser

When search engine send you on selected page, you not yet of course found what you search for there. Don’t then muzziness is when in this page you don’t find searched article. Used function “Find” [Ctrl-F] at your browser and type Hubble.

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