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Emsisoft Online Armor Free Best Free Firewall


Emsisoft online armor is one of the best firewall software for Windows OS. Actually there are three versions for the software, the free version, premium version and the version that bundled with the security pack. On the online armor free version does not have the features “file/registry shield”, “phishing filter” and “DNS spoofing protection”. The three features found only in the Online armor paid version.

Online Armor is useful if you are often shopping online and banking online. This software will give you a sense of security when doing both activity. Emsisoft online armor will help protect your identity when you are online and prevent hackers or malicious programs to steal your personal data.

Emsisoft Online Armor

Three Main features of Emsisoft Online Armor Free

  • Prevent hackers stealing your personal data
  • Block malicious program in your computer
  • Protect your identity when shopping and banking online

In conclusion, Online Armor is one of the best software if you often doing online activity because this software will help protect your identity and prevent hackers and malicious programs to steal and use your data with no responsibility.

Online Armor can be downloaded at the official website for free. interested, download online armor.

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2 Responses to “Emsisoft Online Armor Free Best Free Firewall”

  1. Jenita says:

    good to know about this firewall, i use comodo firewall it is Award-Winning personal firewall software on Internet.

  2. watson123 says:

    Good to know about the Emsisoft Online Armor firewall.I am already using the COMODO firewall.It is really good.



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