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Enjoy the Touch Screen Feature on Windows 7


Anything that comes from Microsoft, of course, it would be interesting to know. Moreover, with the arrival of Windows 7 operating system that invites many questions in the minds of the users, will the sophistication offered this will better their impact or rather something that none other and not just damning the needs of computers and laptops, as ever we experience when using Vista. Instead of the faster performance, must instead be patient for using those operating systems, especially if you have hardware that is not the kind of high level, but otherwise unremarkable.

Reported by Microsoft’s, that the presence of Windows 7 after the absence of the name Bill Gates in it does not make this new product such as the loss of his father figure, but the product itself is born and named better even from Vista operating system which has been researched for years, so the users do not need to worry however is to use hardware that mediocrity, because it will still be able to use an operating system that bears the lucky number 7. Requested is more powerful in terms of performance, causing the price of the operating system itself to soar quite high.

Enjoy the Touch Screen Feature on Windows 7

There are latest news from Microsoft parties which try to give a good enough offer, let alone has now been started can be integrated on a computer that uses the touch screen, so users can use it with pretty good compatibility level with the operating system Windows 7. Well, want to see this feature, please see the following video:

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