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Epson R200, R210, R300, R310 Waste Ink Counter Pad Reset


Software resetter for Epson R200, R210, R300 and R310 to reset waste ink counter pad.

Here is how to reset the waste counter for the Epson R200, R210, R300 and R310 printers.

  • Press and hold “Stop”, “Maintenance”, and “Power” buttons for about 10 seconds. A message will come on the screen saying counter is reset and to turn the printer off. The R200 and others don’t have a screen so just wait until the 10 seconds is up.
  • Turn the printer off, unplug the power cord. Wait about 1 minute and power the printer back up. The counter will be reset. That’s all there is to the reset procedure.

Is the waste pad full ?

If the waste pad is actually full and ink is about to overflow, then you need to install a waste container. You can see the waste pad by opening the access panel on the back of the printer.

Changing the waste pad requires almost complete disassembly of the printer, it is a big job. There is an easier way.

Open the access panel on the rear of the printer (remove screw) and look inside carefullly with a flashlight. You will see a tube (down and to your left) coming from the cleaning pump and it will have an open end on it. This is the tube that delivers ink to the waste pad.

Use a piece of coathanger wire or equivalent, and fish out this piece of tube. Bring it to the outside of the printer, thru the access panel.

Find yourself a suitable container (Tupperware or a plastic cup or jar) that is not too tall. Put the tube into this container and secure the tube and container so they won’t come apart or lose connection if the printer is moved.

If you wish you can make a hole or notch in the access panel cover so it can be replaced.

Now the ink will go into this container and not into the waste pad inside the printer. If it gets full, dump it.

Note: This information and a couple of photos are also available on Steve’s Digicam Forum ( Goto Printers-Photo Inkjet-Epson R200-210 & R300-310 Mod

Download Software Resetter for Epson R300-310

Posted by Fz 38 Responses

38 Responses to “Epson R200, R210, R300, R310 Waste Ink Counter Pad Reset”

  1. samvoy says:

    will this procedure also good with epson r230? thank you.

  2. Kevin says:

    I have a R200 which is approx 2.5 ish years old. The three button reset DID not work for me, however after installing a waste ink tank (as per the instructions)I downloaded the ssc service utility and succesfully re-set all counters, my R200 is as good as new. Many Many thanks to the uploaders.

  3. Fauzan says:

    @kevin, why not try ssc software to reset your printer, maybe it resolved your problem

  4. Kevin says:

    Hi all and many thanks to everyone who replied to my post.

    To clarify my current status (in the order that it was carried out);

    1)External waste ink tank was installed as per instructions on this site (very easy and clear to understand). Many thanks to the uploader.

    2)Following a link (on this site) I downloaded the ssc epson service utility and (again) following instructions I reset the waste ink counter (you will receive a screen display saying you have been successful).

    3) Power down the printer and then restart.

    4) Watch the waste ink tank whilst the printer is “priming” its print heads (you will be surprised).

    BTW either empty the ink tank when full or replace it (mine is a plastic cap off a shaving foam aerosol can).

    DO NOT RESET THE COUNTER without installing a external ink tank or changing the ink pads, you are asking for trouble all over your Axminster.

    The above fix worked for me and I cannot claim any credit for the content.

  5. jack says:

    i have the epson r360 resetter let me no if anyone need it

  6. HEMANT says:

    pls send more info or how to reset epson r360 reset counter

  7. ken says:

    hi jack i need your resetter lol,any chance you can help,cheers

  8. Thrine says:

    How about the Epson Stylus Photo R230 resetter?

  9. Haris says:

    Is there a resetter software for R200 in mac?

  10. tim says:

    do you know how to reset px800fw

  11. jeff says:

    Hi Jack I can not find epson r360 resetter, any chance
    you could send it to me please.

  12. sonny barcelon says:

    I owned epson r310 but theres no maintenance button w/c you are asking to press and hold to reset waste pad. What else can i do? Thanks

  13. Fz says:

    @sonny barcelon, I suggest to maintenance your printer using SSC software or adjustment program. You can download the software from download page above

  14. gaz says:

    can someone send me the epson stylus photo r360 resetter thanx

  15. David says:

    hi, i need resetter tool for epson r360 please ta thanks

  16. Steve says:

    is there any chance of the Epson R360 reseter program please please please thanks steve

  17. Fz says:

    @Steve, sorry I don’t have software Epson R360

  18. Chas says:

    Hi can anybody help me please, I have a Epson r360 that needs ink pad reset…………. please help .

    thank you Chas

  19. Alan says:

    can someone send me the epson stylus photo r360 resetter thanx

  20. Darren says:

    Hi can anyone please send me the EPSON R360 INK PAD RESET PLEASE.THANKS DAZ

  21. Ivor says:


    Could someone please send me the Epson R360 resetter.



  22. craig says:

    Hi there

    Can anyone help, I’m looking for help and advice for EPSON R360 resetter.

    Ive got the following message on my printer “Waste ink pad in the printer saturated. Contact your dealer to replace it”


  23. Pam says:

    Hi everyone

    I have an Epson R360 and really need some help please. I use a continuous ink system because of the cost and now it’s not recognising anything. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Also any chance of knowing where to get the resetter from, if one is available please.

  24. Lynn says:

    Hi all,
    I need help to reset my Epson R360, as so many of your customers I have the message,
    Waste ink pad in printer is saturated. PLEASE HELP i cant cope without my printer,
    Thanks Lynn

  25. Fz says:

    @Lynn, resetter epson R360 can be downloade here: Resetter Epson R360

  26. Lynn says:

    Thank you so much i will check it out many thanks to you Fz

  27. Dave says:

    Hi Jack,

    Any chance of the Epson R360 resetter please.

  28. shawn Dimniel says:

    my printer need to be reset because the red light blink alternate.. i already have the ssc service utility but i don’t know how to use it i don’t have a procedure……..i use the reset protection counter but it didn’t work…. can you give me a text procedure how to do it…??? please…. i need your help….

  29. keith collier says:

    Hi, I have an Epson R360 it is saying that the waste ink pad is full.

    can anyone tell me how I can empty it or get a new one and reset the counter.

    Thanks Keith.

  30. EMW says:

    Thank you so much! I am very happy to be able to use my R310 again by following your instructions.

  31. Simon says:

    Hi Jack,

    Any chance of the Epson R360 resetter please.

  32. Joseph says:

    I need resetter L210, thank you very much to all of software developer

  33. joel says:

    Hola alguien tiene el reseteador de epson Work Force 323??? lo necesito con urgencia, gracias

  34. joel says:

    Hi anyone has the Work Force resetter epson 323??? I need it urgently, thanks

  35. John says:

    You dont need reset software. Reset waste by buttons. If You want to know waste ink counters value – you can use free WIC Reset Utility program.

  36. Bill says:

    The WIC Reset Utility Is NOT FREE. You have to buy a key to use the software, which is basically the Same as the Free software that Epson provides.

  37. alan says:

    can someone please send me the resetter for the epson r360 I am pulling my hair out looking for it, I have replaced the pads but can’t get it reset thanks for reading

  38. I had an old R200, the button reset method did not work. However the SSC utility did. It was very easy to do and remember, adding the external waste ink tank is essential. Thanks for you help, great site.


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