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Essentials of an Effective YouTube Marketing Strategy


In an era of information overload, we are more inclined towards audio and visual information that imparts knowledge quicker than through any other means. No wonder why videos have become a vital part of many effective classrooms/curriculums at schools and colleges.

How can the field of marketing lag behind when it comes to optimally using technology? It sure doesn’t. Marketers also explore into video marketing (through corporate videos, promotional videos, etc.) which is turning out to be quite lucrative.

Essentials of an Effective YouTube Marketing Strategy

When it comes to video marketing, or videos at large, one of the first things that strikes our mind is YouTube. No wonder why YouTube is the third most widely used website (as per Alexa traffic ranking).

With this much of scope and market to tap, no visionary marketer can avoid YouTube. That is why we see many small and big brands having their presence on YouTube.

But not all marketers/brands are acquainted with the right tactics to make it big on YouTube. Being present on YouTube is not confined to uploading some videos once in a while and expect your target audience to recognize you as a big reliable brand. Much more goes into a successful YouTube marketing strategy; some of which are as below.

1. Interactivity

It is great to see and be with brands that care to interact with their clientele and prospects. Thankfully, YouTube gives us a provision to interact with the viewers in more than one way.

Interaction over YouTube can happen through comments, video responses, annotations and personal messages. The more interactive your brand is on YouTube, the more subscribers you gain.

One great way to grab subscribers is to create interactive outros that have a ‘Subscribe to us’ button within it. This trick would take a while to bring you subscribers though. The channel that has more views attracts many more views and subscribers naturally with lesser efforts. But for the initial few views and subscribers, you got to give the channel some time.

However, if you are short of time, you can consider buying YouTube views from reliable views providers. You better check some buy YouTube views reviews before you take such a step. The so bought views help your brand be seen as an active one and thereby attracts more natural viewers quickly.

2. SEO for the Channel

No matter what kind of online presence you seek, be it in terms of podcasts, videos of textual content, you ought to look into the SEO aspect of the same for real recognition.

Thankfully SEO for YouTube videos is indeed easier than in any of the above mentioned cases. Just ensure:

  • Your videos’ titles contain your target keyword
  • The videos’ descriptions contain the keyword
  • The tags on each video are relevant and have the keyword and its synonyms in them.
  • Each video uses closed captions that naturally contains the keyword.
  • Embed the videos in various relevant blogs/websites.
  • Link to the videos naturally keeping link diversity in mind.

3. Types of Videos

The more variety of people find in your videos, the more views your channel attracts. Having a single type of video may not always help. Rather see that you create various types on videos for your brand’s channel. You can explore the following sorts of videos:

  • Testimonials from your customers
  • Screencasts (how to videos)
  • Interviews of known personalities of your niche.
  • Teasers of upcoming products/services from your brand.
  • Videos dedicated to some client.
  • Responses to a client’s/prospect’s request/doubt/concern.
  • Talks from employees of your brand.
  • Product/services demos.

The channel that keenly observes and implements these activities would surely grow into a brand on YouTube with time. More interactive you get, more types of videos you offer and better your channel’s SEO; better would be your brand’s chances of going viral on YouTube and eventually on the whole of web.

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