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Facebook Began “Stale”?


Facebook’s dominance in the world of social networking is already threatened by the Internet new services such as Instragram and Path.

The latest survey results show each month Facebook lose millions of its users as they search for the social Web more fresh, as reported by the Guardian.

Studies show that Facebook’s expansion in the U.S., United Kingdom, and the countries of Europe have reached its peak.

Socialbakers survey revealed that last March, Facebook lost 6 million visitors from the United States (US) or down as much as 4 percent. While in the United Kingdom, the Facebook was lost about 1.4 million people or down by as much as 4.5 percent.

Facebook Began Stale

In the last six months, Facebook has lost about 9 million monthly visitors in the U.S. and 2 million in the United Kingdom. Decrease in the number of users is also happening in Canada, Spain, France, Germany, and Japan.

“There is a factor of boredom when the people want to try something that is new. Whether Facebook would be like MySpace? Chances are relatively small, but that does not mean there is no risk, “said social media analyst from Enders Analysis, Ian Maude.

Nonetheless, Facebook is still growing rapidly in the region of South America. According to Socialbakers, Facebook’s monthly visitors in Brazil went up 6 percent by March 2013 to 70 million.

Meanwhile, people in India also rose 4 percent to 64 million in the last month. This figure is still a small part of the population in the country, which means there is still room for Facebook to continue to grow.

Social networking alternatives such as Instagram photo sharing site, has been trapping 30 million users in 18 months before Facebook acquires its business last year.

Instagram experienced rapid growth until reaching 100 million active users in February 2013.

In addition, the social networking like Path has also been attacking the weaknesses of Facebook. The company was founded by former Facebook employee Dave Morin.

Morin keep exclusivity service Path, by limiting the number of friendship networks maximum of 150 people. Path, now has 9 million users, even 500,000 people download application in Venezuela a week which only available for iOS and Android devices.

Competitors are rising is certainly make Facebook fret. Facebook finding the business loopholes and keep trying to increase the number of users, one of them by developing services on mobile devices, especially smart phones.

Analysts at Jefferies Bank reported a decline in users by using an algorithm that is directly connected with the Facebook software.

“The minutes number of Americans people spent surfing on Facebook experienced a decline in which an average of 121 minutes in December 2012, but that dropped to an average of 115 minutes in February 2013,” said the analyst.

Facebook itself has warned, with the fact that people who spend time in front of a personal computer is declining rapidly due to the switch to smartphones and tablets.

Until the end of 2012, a quarter of all ad revenue earned from the Facebook service in mobile devices. And there are 680 million users accessing Facebook from mobile phone.

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