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Five Reasons to Monitor Media Profiles


The internet has become indispensable for many types of industries. The constant flow of information is something that has gained a tremendous amount of traction throughout the media industry in particular. For this reason, businesses and organizations need to be cognizant of what information is out there. Media profiles are something that every company has some element of control over, and making sure the information is complete, accurate, well-researched, and useful is essential to the internet presence of any company. A look at Stephen Wynn on WSJ reveals what a concise and well-researched media profile should look like.

Five Reasons to Monitor Media ProfilesImage from Pixabay


Media profiles can be scraped together from a number of sources, and making sure the short biography of a company or an executive is complete falls onto the organization. Taking a few minutes to evaluate a profile to make sure it contains all the relevant data helps keep the company’s digital presence free of any potential omissions.


Checking media profiles for accuracy is also a good idea. Titles, spelling of names, dates, and general financial information need to be verified. Since the data is likely curated from a number of different sources, errors can be fairly common. Plus, the popularity of certain media sites can reveal thousands of different people being exposed to inaccurate information, which can cause havoc with investors, potential employees, and customers.


Internet posts are generally only as good as the amount of work put the research of the article. Very similar to accuracy and completeness, businesses must be sure that credible sources are cited within the company profile. Use of an official company social media page or website is a great way to be sure that the profile is up to date, accurate, and ready to provide relevant data to anyone that comes across the page.


Companies also have the responsibility to make sure that any online profiles, including media profiles, contain useful information. While statistics and company leaders are important, profiles should also feature links to related posts, articles, and updates that center on the business or industry. Basically, the profile should be used in conjunction with other information on the page to create an interesting and informative read.


Company profiles are not commentaries or editorials, and organizations should at least visit a profile to make sure that the author remained unbiased throughout the entry. Companies put a lot of time and money into customer relations, and a profile on a major news site should not paint the company in a positive or negative light.

In the end, businesses that make sure media profiles are unbiased, well-researched, and accurate can operate with the confidence that their online reputation is sound. Checking on major news sites to make sure links are working properly and the articles are informational in nature is a great way for every business to monitor its digital presence. The internet can be a huge asset for contact information, which is why making sure the right information is out there contributes greatly to success.

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