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Five Top Web Design Blogs that are Invaluable to Your Business


The design of a business’ website can have a direct impact on the success of that business. To stay competitive in the ever-developing digital marketplace, a small business needs to have a website that is current and that incorporates the latest developments in web design. These five recent blogs outline the key web design aspects that you should consider now.

So you can use these simple tips to support your online business….

  1. TechKoW has an excellent blog on the 7 Ways to Achieve a Great ‘About Us’ Web Page Design. After the home page, the About Us page is the most visited page of a business’ website. Potential customers are curious about the people behind the company they are considering doing business with, and the About Us page is where they come to find out. This blog gives some crucial pointers on how to sell yourself on your About Us page, as well as how to establish a personal connection with potential customers.
    Five Top Web Design Blogs that are Invaluable to Your Business
  2. The Top 3 Ways Your Website is Directly Impacting Your Business explains how the design of your website can have a major effect on the success of your business. It highlights the three main aspects of your website that you need to get right in order to make your website the best salesperson your business has ever had.
  3. DesignCoral features a useful blog on 3 Ways to Adjust Your SEO Strategy for Mobile and Local Search. It’s anticipated that sometime in 2015, searches on mobile devices will overtake searches on desktop computers. So it’s critical that business owners create a strategy for mobile and local search as part of search engine optimization (SEO). This blog suggests the key ways to make sure your business capitalises on the growth in local and mobile search traffic.
  4. On BusinessBlogs, The 7 Deciding Factors of DIY Vs. Custom Website Design. Part One: Budget looks at the dilemma faced by most startups that have to be mindful of budget and access to investment capital: whether to hire a website design company to create a customised website for the business, or whether to make it themself using do-it-yourself (DIY) software. Read this blog for an analysis of the pros and cons of custom website design versus DIY.
  5. On Slashdot, Let’s forget some of the web designing trends and adopt the new ones in 2015 highlights the web design trends that it is time to move on from. You should leave behind such trends as adding ribbons and using unrealistic group photos. Instead, embrace some of the fresh new ideas that are emerging in the web design field.

The impact of web design on the success of a small business is much more significant than most business owners realise. To get your website to act as an effective and efficient sales tool that will elevate you above the competition, take on board the topnotch web design suggestions made in these leading blogs.

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