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Is free Domain Name Profitable for Your Online Business?


Domain NamesIs free Domain Name Profitable for Your Online Business? Maybe you ask that question frequently when using a free domain names in your website or blog.

If you monetize your blog or website I suggest to buy a domain because domain name is brand your website, if you use your website as online business I suggest don’t use free domain name for your website. Why? a few domain name not allow user to use the domain for online business, other problem if you use free domain name you can lost your domain if your account banned in the free domain service provider where you register to get free domain name. If you not use your website no for online business, free domain is profitable for you because you can save a few dollar than you buy a domain.

Before register to get a free domain name you must read the Terms of Service or license aggrement from the website that provided free domain name because some website only allow you to use domain for free for one year. On the next year you must pay a few dollar to renew the domain. In other website that provide free domain you can use the domain for unlimited time but not allow to monetize the domain.

Is it hard to get a free domain? in fact, to get free domain name is easy because now many website provides free domain name for free. You just read the term of service, if you agree you can register to get a free domain.

Here Some Website that provide free domain name for free:


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2 Responses to “Is free Domain Name Profitable for Your Online Business?”

  1. makeasportsbook says:

    The points you made are nice. Indeed, I have done some research on this topic and as I know, many people would think your blog good.

  2. Oualid says:

    i saw the list of free domain providers and i wanted to suggest you a better free .com domain name service , that offers free .com .net .org .net …etc domain names registration for one year ,just for completing a few free surveys.
    the domain name will be registered with your details and you will have full access to the dns control…etc.
    The website is :



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