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Free Download Folder Lock 7.1.1 for Lock Your Folder


Folder Lock can be used to lock a folder/files by using the encryption method AES 256-bit. These methods are capable of processing the data protection within a short time, although the data locked have large-size. These software sized is 9MB and the price about $39.95 USD.

Folder Lock can be used not only on the data that is contained on your hard disk, but also on other media save as external Hard Disk, Flash Disk, and compact disc (CD/DVD).

To run the Folder Lock, the first step must you do that put erstwhile Master Password in order to maintain the privacy of access to this application. Fill in a password between 6 and 100 characters. In order to avoid the threat of a keylogger, is provided also a virtual keyboard when entering a password.

Free Download Folder Lock 7.1.1 for Lock Your Folder

The above methods are useful for keeping so that other people won’t be able to change the configuration as well as setting the password on folders or files that have been created. This protection also avoid possible termination Folder Lock by people who are not interested. This applies even if the person is also trying to remove this application through Add/Remove Programs on the Windows.

The interface display these application are organized by category so as to make it easy for the first time to use it. There are also 5 function which corresponds to the purpose of each.

One interesting feature offered i.e. Locker which can make the files or folders to be protected in their own right files (executable). This File is portable so it could be stored on a Flash Disk and pieces CD/DVD. Later, the data can be run on other computers. With the data that has been made to the executable format. You can just run the Locker files without the need of installing the Locker Folder. The deal, the entered password must be correctly.

Folder Lock have the ability to operate in a Stealth mode, all of your activity with this application will be masked. Folder Lock also provides a feature that can save your backups online data on their servers. The result, you can open a file from anywhere as long as connected to the internet.

This Software offers security solutions by means of encryption and password encryption method using technology 256-bit AES. Featured Locker capable of making protected data can be saved to media portable and can be run on other PC.

Process quickly and securely using 256-bit AES encryption; protected data can be stored on other media (portable); backup passwords online.

The trial version is too short, just 5 days or 24 uses trial.

Download Folder Lock 7.1.1 here

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