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Get Free Genuine License Key Avast Antivirus Home Edition for 1 Year


Avast-FreeAlthought Avast! antivirus Home Edition is free antivirus software but you need avast license key to activate this antivirus software. If you do not entered the license key, this antivirus only can be used for 60 day period after insttalation. But don’t worry, you can get genuine avast license key on avast website for free and the you can use the license to activated installed Avast antivirus in yuor computer. The license key will valid for 1 year.

Avast Home Edition also called avast free antivirus is designed for personal user and not for commercial use. The latest version of avast anti-virus has fully compatible with windows 7 and also work under windows XP and Vista. The free version of avast antivirus only provides basic security features (antivirus with anti-spyware). this is very useful if  only need the minimum protection for your PC.

How to get 1 Year Genuine License Key Avast Antivirus Home Edition

You can get avast license key by register on avast website, it’s absolutely free of charge and the license from the page will active for 1 year. Follow this steps to get avast license key:

  • Open avast registration page at:
  • Fill the registration form to get free license key for avast antivirus then “register for free license” button. (you must enter valid email address in the registration form, because the license key will be sent to your email address.)
  • Once, after submitted the registration form, you’ll  receive an email from with subject “avast! Registration”.  Use the license key to activate your installed avast antivirus

How to Activate Your Installed Avast Using the License Key

  • Open the email and highlight then copy license key in your email
  • Right clicking mouse on avast icon in the windows systray then click “About avast!”
  • Click “License key”, paste the license key from your email in the form then click Ok. After entered the key your avast anti-virus will active form 12 months (1 Year).

You can download avast anti virus free version here: avast fee antivirus download

Posted by Fz 132 Responses

132 Responses to “Get Free Genuine License Key Avast Antivirus Home Edition for 1 Year”

  1. mwinebantuki says:

    hi i downloaded avast home edition 2010, but i dont have serial number. can u help me with one? because am only remaining with one week to expire. thank u very much.

  2. Fz says:

    @mwinebantuki, to get new serial number for new avast version please read this article:

  3. NAKUL says:

    hi i downloaded avast home edition 2010, but i dont have serial number. can u help me

  4. Fz says:

    @NAKUL, need serial number avast 5 or avast 2010 try this license key “W00205419C1200A0012-CML9F82S

  5. dhilipkumar says:

    serial number and licencekey very importent
    help thankyou

  6. dhilipkumar says:

    W00205419C1200A0012-CML9F82S this licence key i am inserted

  7. KaiLeung says:

    I have been using the Free version for over a year and helped couple of my friends install it. However, it seems the Avast not giving the free licence key any more.

    I installed a new version 5 on my friend box and I registered and wait for over two days and still no reply from the Avast. I tried using different email account and tried registered in different place (for different IP address), but still no luck.

    I just want a genuine licence key, but end up looking for a key in warez site !? 🙁

  8. Fz says:

    @KaiLeung, try this key “W00205419C1200A0012-CML9F82S“. that is the genuine key on my email for avast 5 free

  9. saucy says:

    use this

  10. Gajanan says:

    realy thanks for succesful license key
    i used key W24783458H1400A0611-LHU67VHL
    if it is possible then send me

  11. RAHUL says:


  12. LEO says:

    pls..anyone send me an avast antivirus license key…plsss…

  13. Jaims says:

    It took me 24 hrs to get my free code

  14. Home Pagee says:

    Hure the key W00205419C1200A0012-CML9F82S is working

  15. sirc says:

    yes, it really works….thank you very much..

  16. gani says:

    thanks for giving the license key it is really working good, thanks to saving my pc from viruses

  17. chirag says:

    thank u the info was very helpful

  18. shubham kumar says:

    i have try many time to get free licence key They said that it will be provide after 24 hours in your email id but till now i could not get any licence key

  19. Fz says:

    @shubham kumar, My suggestion, check your spam folder on your email account maybe the key found on the spam inbox or register using other email account.

  20. BL@CKy says:

    thanx for the key.. its really works…. ^_^

  21. delvin says:

    thx you for giving me a license key 😀

  22. Shambhu says:

    Thanks Ferdinand……Its very helpful

  23. laxman says:

    thanku iam very happy
    it really works….thank you very much..

  24. Maqsood says:

    Please send me a product key and a license key of avast

    thank you very much!

  25. Kaushik says:

    Please give avast license key for operation

  26. Fahim Khorami says:

    thanks avast i am using avast anti virus from 2006 and it is best ever

  27. ram says:

    Hi i am ram i am using only avast home adition antivirus. He remove all viruses, antispyware from my pc. So i am very very happy. Thankyou

  28. Harshit says:

    Hey i was using avast antivirus. It was very good. But now avast is not giving me license key for operation

  29. minesh thakkar says:

    hey i was using avast antivirus,it was very good ,but now avast is not giving me license key for operation

  30. Fz says:

    @minesh thakkar, to get new key you can register on avast using new email

  31. nitish says:

    could any one tell me how to get the key for avast 4.8 anti virus!

  32. Fz says:

    @nitish, You can get one from the link mentioned on this post and you must register to get the license key

  33. pp says:

    hey tanks a lotttt… from latino america ..gracias compadre

  34. setiyo utomo says:

    thanks for license key avast Good bless you

  35. efendi says:

    thanks for information……. good bless you

  36. Akash says:

    The best anti-virus available on this earth is AVAST.

  37. mahesh says:

    thanks you very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  38. lawrence says:

    plz help me avast license key

  39. michael k. njenga says:

    the much needed licence is the only key n solution to my system.pls provide n be blessed.

  40. amit says:

    i was using avast antivirus,it was very good ,but now avast is not giving me license key for operation so how can i use it

  41. Fz says:

    @amin, Here my sugggestion if avast no give new key:
    1. Create new email ID on ymail, gmail, etc
    2. Register using new email on the avast free license registration page

  42. sampath says:

    great………! it’s working properly. thanks…..!!!

  43. wyne says:

    thanx for d key….hehehee

  44. bharat gajare says:

    i want to avast 5.1 home addition license key

  45. Bolargy Ganiyu Ogunlanki says:

    Hey i was using avast antivirus. It was very good. But now avast is not giving me license key for operation please kindly send me the latest and updated license key code for good 20years free true my mail box urgently please.

  46. Fz says:

    @Bolargy Ganiyu Ogunlanki, You can copy the license key that found at this page:

  47. jacky says:

    I’m having problems in getting the license key for avast free antivirus 5.0. I can’t log in to the link given to do the registeration.
    Anyone can help out this?? Your help would be much much appreciated

  48. zayan says:

    Hey i was using avast antivirus. It was very good. But now avast is not giving me license key for operation

  49. Fz says:

    @zayan, You must register using new email to get one new license code

  50. nuttyprofeza says:

    Hi guys please help me i m trying toget a free license key for avast 5.0 version both home edition and proffessional.

  51. ravi says:

    thanx for the key

  52. Robert Bjust me says:

    Thank you so much for this.

  53. kanna says:

    its getting free antivirus opdation in avast4.8

  54. zia-ur-rehman says:

    Dear friend i have an registeration key for avast free antivirus .if any body need than mail me at

  55. Fz says:

    @Sourav Mitra, Sorry the license code above active until January 2, 2010. I got the license key one year ago

  56. Yaman says:

    W6754380R9978A0910-4TZ59467……valid upto 2038

  57. Manju says:

    The following are Avast Working Use these..


  58. amon says:

    request for free product key avast 2011

  59. irfan says:

    free i want get avasti antiviru for my home. thanks

  60. MOHD SHAH ALAM JOY says:

    i like avast anti virus so give me licence key by my e-mail thanks avast tem

  61. Fz says:

    @MOHD SHAH ALAM JOY, You can follow the tutorial above to obtain one genuine license for you

  62. Sukanta Halder says:

    i like avast anti virus so give me latest licence key by my e-mail thanks avast team

  63. Abdulrahman says:

    god will bless you it work 4 me. i realy appreciate.

  64. Fz says:

    @amit, You can get free Avast Activation code from avast registration link mentioned above. Its absolutely free, just register on avast website after a few hours avast will sent a license number for avast home edition (also called free edition)

  65. Dought says:

    I used one of the licences given by Manju. It expires 2038! Can that be true? Somebody help.

  66. alexander says:

    thanks for the codes for the key up to 2038 it is really helpful

  67. ravi singh says:

    this is best antivirus for all over th wold
    because is work very fast and good

  68. ashman says:

    thnks man.. it works. it will last up to next year.

  69. amrit singh sohal says:

    hi I am amrit singh sohal This is excellent type anti virus. it attempt on the virus abruptly.

  70. vijay says:

    just make you computer date go back for one month so that u can use for again the trail period

  71. H Asif says:

    Its too good than others to provides with free keys…

  72. DIPAK DABADE says:

    Avast is a really good antivirous

  73. evans songwe phiri says:

    avast is real… does what other antiviruses cant do. my computre is always protected.

  74. sandeep gupta says:

    avast is best

  75. napps says:

    avast is very good

  76. Müller Krisztián says:

    Nem tudok regisztrálni,mert mindegyik keresö azt irja,hogy nem találja azt az oldalt!

    Translated: I can not register because it says each wage earner, it can not find the page!

  77. WAYES says:

    I really like this…

  78. sonu says:

    avast key Its too good than others to provides with free kI really like this…eys… Avast is a really good antivirous

  79. Anil kumar says:

    Avast is the Best Antivirus.

  80. Anil kumar says:

    Thank you tricks collection

  81. Reynald Tagyobon says:

    Well, since i’ve been using avast 4 it’s great anti-virus ever that i have experience and now i’m upgrading to avast 5 free home edition for my total computer and internet security. Thanks Avast Team….

  82. Ajeet Mulchandani says:

    Avast Antivirus is very powerful in detection.I like it very much.

  83. keith says:

    I liked Vijay comment.

  84. RATAN says:

    W6754380R9978A0910-4TZ59467……valid upto 2038

  85. CHIMEZIE says:

    I want to download 2011 Avast registration key to enable me register and be updating the Avast
    in my computer.

  86. Amritlal says:

    thanx Ratan, ur antivirus key worked

  87. Chandru says:

    thx’s RATAN…

  88. Nishal says:

    Thank you very much Ratan, god bless u bro for helping us. Thnx to trick collection as well. Keep it up.

  89. Ovi says:

    Avast is very very good.I have been instaled on both child computer and Avast save me for viruses.

  90. User says:

    @ratan does your keys only work for avast 4.8?

  91. Fz says:

    @User, Why not give it a try. I have tested the key and work on avast 5 and avast 6. I Thinks it work also on avast 4.8

  92. Abul Hasan says:

    Avast Antivirus is very powerful in detection.I like it very very much. So we wishes success Avast Management Team.

  93. Souvik Sen says:

    I have downloaded the free avast 6.0.1000 home edition. i want free license key to register my avast antivirus.please send it to me via e-mail

  94. Fz says:

    @Souvik Sen, please read this Avast License Key – Activate Avast Free Antivirus Until 2038

  95. wally peciller says:

    very good anti virus

  96. Qamar says:

    i used many antiviruses but i voted to Avast it is best, the key W6754380R9978A0910-4TZ59467, is working to register Avast for 2038.

  97. D.P.DAS says:

    I was having Avast free version. Now it is not working. If i try to run it PC shut down automatically. I want to purchase the Avast Antivirus. What is the cost in Indian rupees ? Where is it available ? Please mail me

    Thanks & regards

  98. Fz says:

    @D.P.DAS, You can buy the software for $39.99 on avast website here:

  99. orland michael says:

    l love the way people co-operate with other,god bless you Qamar for your key.l love avast antivirus and l will use to thy kingdom comes.greeting to avast company, l love you all.

  100. this is what i searching..
    thanks bro!!

  101. Soumyadeep Saha says:

    i want a license key to use my avast antivirus properly.plz give me a license key

  102. Fz says:

    @Soumyadeep Saha, follow the steps mentioned above to get genuine license 1 year active from avast team. it true

  103. julius says:

    avast has protect my system the pass one year, i love avast

  104. Masenyani Joseph Baloyi says:

    april 5, 2011. avast is a good antivirus, i have using it for some time it is doing good for me

  105. Daniel .O. Elaiji says:

    I can recommend Avast to anyone i know that really want to use antivirus, i have used Avast for over two years now and it’s very effective. Recently am using 5.0 with this key; W6754380R9978A0910-4TZ59467. Avast is company i can lay my trust on. Thank you AVAST.

  106. acqie says:

    thanks guys!esp qmar..

    indeed it was a great help..

  107. chester says:

    succes key for avast W6754380R9978A0910-4TZ59467

  108. utkarsh says:

    i like to thank qamar who gave me the registration key

  109. Dimitrije says:

    Hay, i have a question i did this all of it i registred evrything but the key wasn’t sented to my email,why???

  110. Dimitrije says:

    never mind,thanks chester that key works

  111. Siraj Ahmad says:

    Thank for give license key for avast anti virus. This key is really working. thanks

  112. deneziraq says:

    thanks i try it
    and work it

  113. Owens says:

    my avast anti virus has expired today, i ll need the key to renew it

  114. Yoga says:

    @ratan, thanks guys.! 😀

  115. muhammad mustafa says:

    my avast anti virus has expired today, i ll need the key to renew it plz send me latest

  116. Fz says:

    @muhammad mustafa, You can follow the tutorial in the article above to get new avast license license key

  117. lil. rap says:

    Tanx a lot.. for sharing this license key!!!!!!!!

  118. geraldine says:

    i cant update my avast.. and i cant open the site site

    do i need to re register or install avast again

    i cant even uninstall the file

    what is wrong

  119. Fz says:

    @geraldine, You may need to uninstall your avast then install again the software. To completely uninstall the software you can use Avast uninstall Utility. The tool can be downloaded here:

  120. Mohit says:

    information provided by you is awesome.Thank you

  121. hamdans says:

    the avast license key for 1 year works ! can’t wait to try the ones that activate till 2038. thnx qamar ! u’re da ish !

  122. sheena says:

    tnx so much for the key chester!

  123. prveen says:

    Dear all the following key for avast helps you Please Try!!!!

    Key : W6754380R9978A0910-4TZ59467

    Thank You for all
    Praveen Chowdary

  124. pawan says:

    Avast internet security free license key

  125. Naveed ivor says:

    I got the key and avast is reg now


  126. wara daniel says:

    works perfectly well

  127. Fz says:

    @pawan, for avast internet security license key read this article: avast internet security key

  128. Rakib Khan says:

    i’ve registred my avast anitvirus thank you very mutch

  129. nirav says:

    avst is best virus remover

  130. Thanks admin i was desperately looking for free avast antivirus. I found your website very useful with lots of free stuff.

  131. ashish says:

    thnks i was feeling lucky. this site is very best i was tell about this site to our friends thankyou


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