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Get Ready For Your iPhone To Diagnose Your Illness


Think you’re getting sick? If you have an iPhone and the right apps, you may not have to wonder anymore. Quite a few mobile apps have been developed that help diagnose illnesses in people so that they don’t have to go to their doctor cluelessly. While apps have been created to remind people when to take vitamins and medicine, the new ones are going even further in helping people.

Popular Apps to Diagnose Illness

Here’s a look at some specific and particular mobile apps for the iPhone that will help you know whether you’re sick or not in a variety of cases.

Get Ready For Your iPhone To Diagnose Your Illness

  • Kinsa – Known as a “smart thermometer,” this small device is a familiar shape, but it’s different in that it plugs into your smartphone. If you’re curious, it fits into the audio jack of your phone quite easily. This allows all the data about your temperature to be transferred to the phone for easier display – and more. While taking your temperature is the first main thing this app and device can do when combined with your smartphone, there are many signs that this is only the beginning. Keeping your family healthy is suddenly going to become a lot easier.
  • Cardiograph – Even more impressive perhaps is Cardiograph. It even lets you print out a simple graph of your heartbeat. The way it works is pretty amazing. It uses the iPhone camera to take images of your finger with the 5 megapixel camera. Two or more photos are taken and compared. You can actually detect a pulse by watching the photo become lighter. This is just one of many types of similar apps that are able to detect things about the heart – which can be helpful with diagnosing several health problems that may arise.
  • Philip’s Vital Signs App – This diagnosis app for the iPhone also uses the camera to detect the rise and fall of a person’s chest in order to know their breathing rate, something that’s very helpful in diagnosing possible problems that may arise in humans of all ages. More work is being done all the time to make it more accurate, but what it can do now to help diagnose is really quite amazing in many different ways. Soon, the smartphone may be able to detect health problems in the background by watching for signs when people are using their iPhone. To some this is scary, but for others it could mean the difference between life and death.

As with any other non-professional advice, if you think there’s a serious problem, you’re going to want to contact a health professional to check you out. This is the biggest piece of advice that everyone should follow. Know of any mobile apps for diagnosis that we missed? Let us know below. Thanks and may you live long and prosper.

Written by: Heidi Henderson is working in a 001 flower flower shop.  She likes reading well designed infographics online.

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