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Google Builds the Database to Eradicate Child Pornography


Google is making a database of child pornography images that can be used by fellow information technology company to eradicate child pornography on the internet.

The Google team as the Telegraph reported that new technology reveal allows Google and other companies can exchange information about images of children who were subjected to torture and pornography.

The Database is expected to be operational within a year. Before being removed from the site, illegal images will be marked by child protection organizations such as the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). Once the image appears, then immediately deleted.

Google Builds the Database to Eradicate Child Pornography

To launch this project, Google poured funds of 2 million U.S. dollars. The funds were handed over to the independent software developers who will be producing new tools to fight child pornography.

“We are creating a database of industrial scale of the image the hashtag to help all technology companies wherever discover child sexual abuse images. That company will then block and report it, “said a Google spokesman, Scott Rubin.

Google’s move was greeted positively by child observers. One of them is John Carr, the Adviser of United Kingdom Government for children’s Internet safety issues.

“This is a important moment and should be the focus of thinking industry leaders in the fight against child pornography,” said Carr.

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