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Google Chrome 20 – Fast Browsing and Easy


The war of web browser program back last fierce. Google with Chrome web browser has been contributing to enliven the competition. Updates include improvements to version 20 has been announced on may 24, 2012 yesterday. As to whether the ability of Google Chrome than in Internet Explorer (IE) or Mozilla Firefox?

The last few years, Mozilla Firefox has managed to shift the dominance of Internet Explorer, Now Google Chrome is starting to threaten the position of Mozilla Firefox as the most popular web browsers and most used by internet users. Google, the internet giant continues to develop and aggressively tried to popularize the Chrome. Google claims Chrome as the fastest web browser and secure. With beautiful views and minimalist accompanied with Chrome integrating other Google services, it seems that more and more internet users switch or just try this web browser capabilities.

Google Chrome 20 - Fast Browsing  and EasyChrome was developed to be able to run on your computer or other gadget. Installation packages are available for the operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Android. The application window Chrome is designed very minimalistic, clean and simple, without a lot of buttons and menus are confusing users. Users can type in a website address or search through the same box. Chrome services integrated with Google Translate will also offer the option, whether a display of web pages in foreign languages to be translated into the language of the user. Of course this is very helpful, including for some users who have difficulty in reading and understand foreign language web pages contents.

Chrome also equipped standard features as it exists in other modern web browsers. You can open multiple web pages in a different tab, install extensions to add functionality, and get the protection of privacy and protection from malware threats on the internet. The latest web technologies such as HTML 5 has also been supported well. Users can choose themes look to taste, likewise feature a bookmark and visit any reminder is available.

Chrome look very impressive, neat, clean, and keep it beautiful. Translation and language detection feature automatically also greatly assist users who have trouble with a foreign language. His speed in displaying web pages is also enough evident.

Initial settings and security features not typical reminder of optimal. Even though you have been logout or exit from your Google account at the previous session, Chrome seems to still be considering a bid for and display the login with a Google account that you have used in the previous session. This may be a bit distracting, especially if Chrome installed on public computers used together. A new session should not risking user privacy at the previous session.

Download Google Chrome 20 here

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