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Google Cloud Print to Print from Anywhere


Google launched a new service, Google Cloud Print, cloud computing that connect the printer with a variety of devices so people can print documents, photographs or images from anywhere.

Type any application, on any device that is connected to the Web, can use the Google Cloud Print, Google said in the official service of this cloud print.

Google also released a list of applications that can be used to print via the Google Cloud Print. With the PC application, tablet and smartphone variety of platform that users can print documents either at home, at the Office, or while on the way.

Google Cloud Print to Print from Anywhere

To be able to print documents from anywhere, users must first sign in to the Google Cloud Print by using your Google account, if you haven’t yet, you can create first.

Then connect the printer to the cloud computing Google Cloud Print, and will more easily if your printer has features of Cloud Print Ready.

Many of the latest printers already Cloud Print Ready like HP ePrint, Kodak Printer, Epson, Canon, and Samsung.

While the printer is not equipped with cloud print ready (the classic printer), users can connect to the Google Cloud Print feature on the Google Chrome after the printer is connected to a laptop or PC that connected to the Internet.

After the printer is connected to the Google Cloud Print, with using your Google account, users can print documents from a PC, laptop, even cell phones use a variety of applications that are already mentioned in the list released by Google.

Google also stated that service will soon be able to be integrated with many more applications in the future.

Google Cloud Print lets you share the printer with a friend, or create a shared printer in the Office and many other places.

Regarding the security of documents, Google ensures the security of your file with regard very seriously. “The document is transferred through a secure HTTPS Web connection,” he said.

As soon as the work is completed, the related documents could be removed from Google’s servers. You can also delete the job and the history at anytime through the Google Cloud Print Management page.

Want to prove this latest Google service? Please try!

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