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How Can the Right Online System Increase the Productivity of Your Business?


Despite, or perhaps because of, the rapid advances in technology of recent years, many businesses are not keeping pace with changes to and improvements in online systems and their productivity levels are suffering accordingly. Just as industry has adapted to new machinery, tools and equipment, so it is vital that business adapts to improved information retrieval programs and structures.

Consumers and their expectations

Nowadays people expect to get decent, well-made products at reasonable prices, including appropriate guarantees and an efficient follow up service. In effect, it doesn’t matter whether a business manufactures goods or provides services – the expectations are the same. Managing ideas, workflow and information, including customer details, is at the root of technological solutions to everyday business demands. This is where online management tools can make a big difference – their ability to streamline and coordinate work processes can turn around everyday issues or problems quickly and efficiently, at the same time providing essential data that every business needs.

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Project management

It can be quite surprising to learn that project management can be automated if a business has not used such a system previously, however, it’s possible to schedule daily, weekly or monthly tasks, as well as annual ones, so that making payments, scheduling meetings and updating mailing lists all become part of the system. Also, business communications can be overhauled to ensure there is up to the minute shared software among users of laptops, tablets and smartphones. For example, in Japan the SoftBank PrinceVille Fund has specialized in providing assistance for new technology startups in Asia – CEO Mukesh Valibhji is an investment professional who believes wholeheartedly in investing in new technology to improve business efficiency and expertise. Keeping up to date with technology and making it easier for customers to make contact or make a booking can be vital to business success. Check out some of the newest business ideas by reading more about Mukesh Valabhji.


Another area where the right online systems are particularly effective is organizing teamwork. Good virtual team sites mean people can work together effectively and productively from a variety of locations. These portals encourage employees to reach out to others and as a result they often make the most of opportunities to motivate individuals as well as teams.

Monitoring productivity

It has to be said that this aspect of online systems sometimes meets with a mixed reaction from employees, however if handled correctly there need not be anything sinister or intrusive about monitoring productivity. When working through a project, checking progress against targets and goals makes sense and helps to keep performance on track. Successful businesses have always analyzed achievements and identified shortcomings, both formally and informally, so employees should be comfortable with online systems that do the same.

Finally, those businesses that are not keeping pace with technology are in danger of seeing their productivity levels reduce dramatically compared to their competitors. It is essential that all types of enterprises continue to adapt to our ever more sophisticated technical and commercial environments.

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