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How to Access Blocked Websites at the Office – Bypass Firewalls with a SSL VPN


Most corporate networks block a plethora a websites, from social media/news/blogs to more technical content. The reason behind this is to increase employee productivity, but in effect many of the blocked websites are useful for the employees. Instant messaging software is also blocked for the same reason.

If you ever experienced this problems at your work place, you have most probably talked to the IT guys, only to get a response that “It`s company policy”. It gets very frustrating after some time, especially when it gets in the way of doing your work.

You have probably also tried to bypass these restrictions, only to find that proxies are all blocked and that you can`t connect personal VPN services from your computer. But do not despair, we have a fix for you.

How to Access Blocked Websites at the Office - Bypass Firewalls with a SSL VPN

The VPN services you tried do not connect because they use “traditional” VPN ports, that are blocked by your network administrator. To use a VPN from your office, you need to buy a SSL VPN that uses generic ports, like 80 or 443. These ports are almost never blocked in a network environment, because blocking them would mean to cut off access to the World Wide Web for the whole office.

One such SSL VPN service that uses generic ports to connect is SunVPN, a top VPN provider. The SunVPN software features “bypass firewall” servers, that you can connect to even from behind the most restrictive firewalls. I have personally used SunVPN successfully from my office and I recommend their services.

Get your own SSL VPN service now and unblock all those sites you love so much!

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