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How to Block Programs or Application on Windows OS


There are several ways to block programs from being run on the windows system. We can use registry or using software blocker to block a software in windows OS. Unhappily most of the software blocker not free, we must buy a few dollars to use full version of the software. The free solution for software blocker you can use AppAdmin.

AppAdmin is free software to restrict an application from being run in windows OS. This software can be used on windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. AppAdmin no require installation because this is portable software.

What is the benefit using blocking program to block application from being run on the windows OS? If you have a small children and often use your computer or the computer used in business, and don’t want the user install the program or use a few program installed in the computer you may need software blocker.

How to Block Programs from being run using AppAdmin

  1. Download AppAdmin, you can download the software from this link: AppAdmin – Free software blocker. Extract the downloaded file and run the AppAdmin software. Appadmin-free-Software-Blocker
  2. Click the block button (with plus icon) to add the application to be blocked or you can drag and drop an application to AppAdmin.
  3. Click “Restarts Explorer” button. Once clicked the button the program in the AppAdmin list will be blocked. If there are use to run the program, the windows system will show this message. The-program-blocked

Any user cannot break the restriction although uses gpedit.msc or anything else. The program also have a password to prevent blocked programs are easily unlocked by any user.

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6 Responses to “How to Block Programs or Application on Windows OS”

  1. ursaver says:

    if the user is smart enough they just rename the file name and can bypass this restriction.

  2. Retard says:

    If the above comment is true, then this is waste!

  3. Suresh says:

    @ursaver: No thats not possible because i think this app is using file hash so even if file name is changed that wont affect the hash value.

  4. Ravi says:

    True… suresh, when we are blocking any application, regardless of their name, as it uniqely identify it.

  5. Sam Presley says:

    hey all if you use gpedit.msc then click on windows settings then click software restrictions then additional rules you can block a app from being run via hash method or file name method.

    if you block by hash method then renaming the file in question still wont run if its blocked

    hope this helps you all

  6. Sam Presley says:

    the reason for hash method is better because the file contains a unique hash and when windows knows this itll remember the hash of the file and if you run it then itll be blocked no matter if its ran again after being blocked by hash method


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